For The Love of Animals

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Hello there, fellow hoomans!

To be or not to be a pet mommy/daddy is the question. We all have gone through this phase and being a good pet pawrent to these adorable muffins can be a challenge. What they eat, where they live, how good a vet is and how many services are available for them are some of the most important questions we want to find the answers to. This is where MyPetApproves comes into the picture!

 A little something about us, if you may-

We both met in college, a pair of scrawny, awkward girls who were scared of animals, especially dogs. But something changed in us a couple of years later (This happens when you start adulting and realize that animals are the purest souls on the face of the earth and you were foolish for being petrified of them). We both went our separate ways after college and started leading our individual lives. Soon our wonderful dogs, Bacardi and Bosco came into our lives. We lived in different cities but our love for our sons brought us closer. The kind of undying, irrevocable love we felt for our dogs and the challenges that came with it changed our lives forever. 

Facing these challenges made us realize that we had to come up with the answers of the questions that bogged us down and maybe someday, our initiative would act as a beacon for those who feel lost and are unable to find a solution to their pet-related problems. 

This post is also all about celebrating the lives and times of Bosco and Bacardi.

Bosco is an adorable, goofy and dramatic pooch who gobbles down papaya and chicken like it’s nobody’s business. He is the love child of a feisty German Spitz named Keshto AKA Kaizer and a holier than thou angelic Labrador named Eva who wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

Bacardi is a squishy, black Labrador retriever with a thicc bod, a pouty face and a set of beautiful eyes that will pierce your soul. He will hump the bejesus out of your leg and will steal your girl and your boiled eggs without batting an eyelid!

They have taught us a lot in these 5-6 years and we would like to commemorate their lives and the lives of other animals through this initiative. So, this was just a small introduction to our lives. 

Stay tuned for our main work and get ready for your mind to get BLOWN!

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