Ghar Ka Khana- Some amazing home cooked dog food, made with love!


Food is an integral part of a pet’s life. What goes inside their round little bellies is essential as they tend to eat a lot of garbage, as it is! A lot of families struggle with the idea of making home cooked food for their pets as they feel they don’t know what should be added to the recipes; or if their pets will like it; or how time consuming will it be to make such meals on a daily basis and so on! Well, My Pet Approves is here to solve this problem and lend you some amazing home cooked dog food recipes that will make your pet go awoooooooo!

In India, many families prefer feeding their pets vegetarian food as most of the population is vegetarian. We will mention both kinds of recipes as some families also believe in feeding their pets the kind of food they require regardless of their own food habits (read meat). So here are some of the home cooked recipes that they can absolutely gorge on. 

Image of a boiled vegetable soup

Boiled vegetables

This home cooked dog food recipe is an integral part of our lives. They provide a lot of nutrients and a lot of dogs love to consume some of them raw as well! Carrots, Beet and Cucumbers are some of the vegetables that can be consumed raw as well. The ‘cronch’ factor will help them enjoy this as a snack or treat and will help them get stronger. 

But if your pet is fussy about raw vegetables, you can always boil these vegetables and feed them with brown rice or whole wheat rotis. Just add Cauliflower, Beans, Peas, Sweet Potatoes to the list of the above mentioned vegetables and boil it with some turmeric(It keeps them healthy and strong) to the broth with the minutest amount of salt et Voila! You can add brown rice or ragi/whole wheat rotis to the mixture depending on the diet of your dog. 

One of the best substitutes of meat are Soya chunks that are easily available in the market. The process of cooking them is similar to the vegetable albeit, it takes lesser time to cook. You just need to soak them in hot water for some time instead. 

An all-time favorite summer time home cooked meal for dogs is Curd and rice. You can also add cucumbers to ‘cronch’ it up and they will lick their bowls every single time. This is a very good meal for an upset stomach, indigestion or loosies or vomiting. Upgrade this meal by making a loose khichdi of moong daal and rice as well.


What your pet absolutely loves. They are a great source of protein and are extremely filling. So a simple recipe of  Boiled chicken with a hint of turmeric and salt will do wonders to his diet. Boiled mutton trotters (Paya) is also a good source of protein but can be a little heavy so you can either give them the bone pieces/meat or just the broth, depending on your dog’s appetite and breed. 

Dogs absolutely love eggs (They would die for it!) and can eat them soft-boiled or hard boiled. You can also make a half-fried egg, scrambled eggs or an omelet for them on a non-stick pan and they will love the texture of the same. Just replace oil with water and the eggs are ready!

Image of eggs

The Twist in the ‘Tail’

You can sometimes treat them with recipes like aloo paratha and Paneer paratha (without any condiments or oil) and nutribars made with peanut butter, oats and a little bit of honey.

You can also give them dehydrated chicken jerkies at such times. 

The Fruity Punch

Our dogs love eating papayas and banana. Some dogs also love eating mangoes and strawberries and other berries (remove the seeds). The thing with fruits is that they are full of fructose so you need to be careful with the quantity. Don’t overdo it. Grapes are extremely poisonous so shouldn’t be given to your dogs and they anyway hate all kinds of citrus fruits so can very much avoid them. Some dogs love tomatoes so you can maybe give them one tomato a day. 

A bowl of fresh-cut fruits in yoghurt in the blog home cooked dog food recipes
a bowl of fresh fruits

We hope that these easy peasy recipes of home cooked food will make your pet’s butt wiggle with excitement and will relax you as well, for now you know what should go in their cute little bellies.  These recipes are super simple to make and easy on your pockets. 

Think our blog helped you in preparing your pet’s meals in an easy way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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