8 Hilarious Quarantine Memes & Posts That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

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Memes have become our ultimate saviors in this social media-centric life. We have so much drama going on right now that memes give us that much needed relief that is essential for our well-being. Hell, a lot of us have relationships and friendships that are propagated by the daily forwarding of relatable memes. *those friendships are special, by the way*. So we thought, why not take you through some amazing animal memes and funny videos that represent our recently corona-catapulted lives. So here are some hilarious quarantine memes that will make your lockdown period a tad bit bearable. Who says no to animal memes anyway, right? *Don’t answer, this is a trick question*.

Treats Fo Life, Bitches!

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Begging (part 2)

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Quarantine means spending more time with your pets and more time means more treats. This is what happens when your dog is a master manipulator, cool as cucumber and really, really cute as well. But you have been warned so DON’T. GIVE. IN.

“They just won’t leave the house!”

The most fundamental difference between a cat and a dog: Your dog loves your presence in the house while your cat hates it. But who can blame them? Karen is pretty annoying, isn’t she?

The Before & After of the Quarantine:

When animals understand the concept of social distancing better than humans. The fact is, they understand most things better than us, anyway!

Your Cat Being Honest About The Quarantine Time Spend With You:

Cats love personal space and if you try to get in their way, then you face their wrath. But they are still loved for the way they are and that is what these memes are about!

When Your Pets Bitch About You On Video calls:

Dogs are usually very friendly and love cuddling but the extended lockdown has already made them lose their cool and they have started bitching about their pawrents secretly. But do we call it bitching when the dogs do it or is just being themselves? We may never know the answer.

When You Gotta Ration Your Snacks and Treats:

Cattos mixing air with treatos to make the most of the yummy taste of the snacks. Hello darkness, my old friend.

When Wild Animals Have A Better Chance of Being in the Outside World& Having a Good Read At The Library:

“I came out of my shell and decided to study biology. This has helped me tremendously in finding a cure and vaccination for Corona Virus. I feel proud today and I would like to thank the bats for helping me attain my goals. I wouldn’t have done it without them”. – Ron the Raccoon.

When You Gotta Start Work at 9 AM But You Slept at 7:

It is not easy to take over the world if you can’t wake up on time, can you? But those funny animal memes don’t let you sleep and that is how you are late for work. Such a vicious circle.

The world is going through a lot of turmoil and we hope that these quarantine memes made you smile a little. It is extremely important to spend some good quality time with your loved ones, especially your pets.

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