5 Popular Cat Breeds in India

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There are cats that behave like dogs and there are dogs that behave like cats but one thing is for sure, it is awesome to be or have a cat. I have always aspired to be that feisty and sassy all my life and if I could have even 10% of that sass, I would be declared a god damn queen! That is right, my friends, cats are born divas. It is a universal truth that you don’t choose a cat, a cat chooses you. To be chosen by a cat is not a small thing. The day they decide to bestow you with their charm, is the day you officially become a cat daddy/cat mom. Which is why we decided to make a list of the most popular cat breeds in India that will rule your heart and your home as well. 

5 Types of Cat Breeds That are Popular In India:

Indian Billi: 

Image of an Indian Billi

The Indian Billi is one of the most popular cat breeds in India. This indigenous breed is beautiful and low maintenance in nature. Even though this is a breed mostly found stray but they are as beautiful and majestic as any other cat breed. If taken good care, they tend to be extremely loyal and full of affection. They have long tails and a short coat that can easily be managed. They are strong, agile, curious, graceful, beautiful and super active. These qualities set them apart from all the other foreign breeds that are popular making them fit for the Indian climate. A lot of Indian Billis love to venture out of the house once a day as they love roaming around in the near vicinity. 

Persian Cat: 

Image of a Persian Cat in Popular Cat Breeds in India

This Iranian cat became famous when they were imported to Italy. They gained popularity for their long-haired coat and short legs with a round face that is cute as a button. This is a royal breed that isn’t very agile and loves lounging around and lazying around. A complete house cat, if you may. They need proper grooming and a lot of care as well. Their popularity is huge in India. They are laidback and gentle but you can’t exactly call them low maintenance. They need regular grooming so as to avoid matting and infection in their eyes due to the same problem. 

Sphynx Cat: 

Image of a Sphynx Cat

This hairless cat breed is famous for its leather-like skin. It has huge pointed ears and beautiful big eyes that give the breed a distinct look. You may remember it as Rachel’s cat in Friends. This cat needs more care than any other breed. It is because their skin tends to get dry and sunlight can cause a lot of problems as well. These cats are friendly and love agile activities. 

Siamese Cat: 

Image of a Siamese Cat

This Asian cat breed is famous for its almond-shaped eyes, long ears and a slender body. As per Hillspet.com, “The beauty of the Siamese cat is the look of the slender body, the blue eyes and the contrast between the colour on the body and the darker colour of the extremities. People know this Contract as color restriction, or, more commonly, pointing. The colour of the fur on the ears, tail and feet are a different colour than that of the body, and this darker colour gradually blends into the lighter colour of the body. The face also shows a mask of the same deeper point colour. The mask covers the face, surrounds the eyes and covers the whisker pads. The mask is smaller in a kitten and gradually increases as she grows.”

Bombay Cat: 

Image of a Bombay cat in Popular Cat Breeds In India

This Cat has its roots from the Burmese cat. It is famous for its pitch black body, short hair and brilliant copper or green effervescent eyes that are so piercing, they will stare deep into your soul. This cat breed is rather very mischievous, friendly and loves to cuddle. They love socially and are perfect for a family with kids. They are quite low maintenance and love to play and frolic.


Cats are the perfect companions for human beings, dogs and other animals. They don’t need a lot of training or grooming and show loyalty to those they choose. If taken proper care and showered with loads of love and affection, they prove to be excellent pets. One of the best things about cats is that you don’t need to take them for a walk. They can very well be indoor pets.  They are so feisty and funny that sometimes scare big gentle giants with their badassery. We hope that our list of popular cat breeds in India helped you make a decision. If you also want to adopt a dog then do read our blog on all the top 10 dog breeds in India as well. 

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