Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds

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Indian dog breeds a.k.a indies a.k.a stray dogs are all the rage now. We see their popularity growing day by day as more and more people have started adopting and giving them a permanent home. The best thing is that these Indian breeds are available everywhere. You can find them in villages, urban cities, near your office, college and hangout zones.

What sets these native breeds apart from the foreign dog invaders is their strong immunity and compatibility with the local climate. They are highly adaptable and independent in nature which makes them the perfect pets. Interesting, right?

Read about how foreign dog breeds arrived in India and became a part of our lives.

So, if you are planning to get a pet soon, we have curated a list of top Indian dog breeds to help you choose the best furry friend.

Indian Pariah

Indian Pariah in Indian dog breeds

The crème de la crème of Indian dog breeds, Indian Pariah or Pye dog is the most intelligent and adaptable of desi breeds. They are territorial yet highly social which makes them an excellent choice for family members. They mingle well with children and other pets through proper socialization and can make for perfect watch dogs as they are quite protective towards family.

Native – All across India, Bangladesh and other regions of South Asia

Temperament – Highly social, alert, territorial, easy to train   

Climate – Tropical


Chippiparai dog breed
Source: 101DogBreeds

Chippiparai is a sighthound breed which primarily hunts using sight and sound rather than scent. Known for its speed and loyalty, Chippiparai was kept as a symbol of royalty by royal families of Tamil Nadu. This south Indian dog breed is incredibly affectionate and peaceful which makes it a great family pet. It has a short coat which does not shed much and is less prone to tick and flee infestation.

Native – Chippiparai in Tamil Nadu and around Periyar Lake

Temperament – Active, needs regular exercise, little grooming and veterinary care

Climate – Temperate

Rampur Hound

Rampur Hound in Indian dog breeds
Source: 101DogBreeds

This breed is one of the largest members in the sighthounds family. Maharajahs used to favour Rampur hound for jackal coursing. It loves human companionship and displays strong affection towards all family members. Though gentle and caring around children, one has to be a bit careful while playing with this breed as it’s prone to knocking people over in enthusiasm. It also makes for a wonderful guard dog. Needless to say, this hound needs plenty of space and exercise due to its size.

Native – Rampur region in North India

Temperament – Loves socializing, protective, self-groomed

Climate – All weather conditions


Source: Rameshkumar Kuppuswamy

Also known as Poligar hound, this breed is another member of the Indian sighthound family. What makes Rajapalayams the perfect family pets is that they are easy to train and known to act independently without any guidance. They are friendly and adapt well with all family members but are also fiercely territorial so socialization at an early age with other pets is a necessity.

Interesting fact: The Indian Army has employed Rajapalayams as guard dogs in the borders of Kashmir due to their guarding instincts.

Native – Rajapalayam in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu

Temperament – Intelligent, territorial, independent, easy to train

Climate – Temperate

Gaddi Kutta

Gaddi Kutta
Source: 101DogBreeds

Gaddi Kutta is also known as Himalayan Sheep Dog and Bhutia. They are used as herd dogs by local shepherds in the northern region to herd stray sheep and goats. They are highly active in nature, need plenty of exercise and love being outdoors so they might not be suitable for apartment living. These dogs are the most faithful and loving companions to their owners. However, they can only belong to a one-pet household as they do not get along well with other pets. While training or domesticating them, make sure to enforce trust and dominance and socialize them as puppies.

Native – Western Himalayas region, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Temperament – Active, loyal, calm, does not get along with other dogs

Climate – Cold


Kanni in Indian dog breeds
Source: By Crkuberan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Kanni is a rare South Indian sighthound breed found in Tamil Nadu with traits similar to Chippiparai. The name Kanni means ‘purity of heart’ and is aptly given to this breed for its loyalty. They are pretty much easy to train and extremely independent. They are also a silent breed but quick to protect and defend their owners if the need arises.

Native – Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts in Tamil Nadu

Temperament – Loyal, faithful, easy to train

Climate – Temperate

Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff in Indian dog breeds
Source: 101DogBreeds

This is a rare breed found in the Himalayan region of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. They make for ideal pets as they do not require much exercise and are suitable to live in apartments. Kumaon Mastiff can be aggressive in nature so it’s very important to socialize and train them at an early age so that they can adapt well with other members in the house. They grow up to be calm and quiet dogs and most importantly, have fewer grooming needs due to their short coat. They have a high guarding ability which makes them great watchdogs.

Native – Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Temperament – Loyal guardians, calm as an adult, good for indoors/apartment living

Climate – Cold

Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal dog
Source: 101DogBreeds

Bakharwal is ancient and rare breed of working dogs used by northern tribes to herd and protect their livestock. Recently, it was used by the India Police Service to capture militants across the country. Like the Gaddi Kutta, this breed is also not suitable for apartment living and needs ample space for daily exercise. They also do not gel with other pets easily. However, they are extremely loving, loyal and protective in nature which makes them the best companion for children.

Native – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh

Temperament – Courageous, rugged, protective, playful

Climate – Cold

Mudhol (Caravan Hound)

Mudhol dog
Source: NewsKarnataka

Mudhol hound is also a working sighthound due to its physical strength and great speed. It’s also called Caravan hound as it accompanied people in caravans during the British rule. This south Indian breed has plenty of stamina so it needs daily exercise to release its pent-up energy. They can be decent guard dogs due to their exceptionally loyal and protective nature. They prefer to be treated with kindness and respect and do not fare well with strangers.

Native – Bagalkot district in Karnataka

Temperament – Active, loyal, protective, graceful

Climate – All weather conditions

Bully Kutta (Indian Mastiff)

Bully Kutta in Indian dog breeds
Source: 101DogBreeds

Bully Kutta or Indian Mastiff is a large working dog primarily used for hunting or guarding. They are a dominating and aggressive breed and require professional training at an early age. Once they have been domesticated, they make for wonderful family pets as they are tolerant of kids and can be rather playful. This breed can also be amazing watch dogs due to their guarding instincts.  

Native – Punjab region of India and Pakistan

Temperament – Intelligent, protective, energetic

Climate – All weather conditions

Another interesting fact: India Post issued four commemorative postage stamps on 9 January 2005 for four breeds – Rampur Hound, Mudhol Hound, Himalayan Sheep Dog/Gaddi Kutta and Rajapalayam. Source: Wikipedia

Our Two Cents

While choosing your furry companion, do make sure to take into consideration that almost all dog breeds need proper training and regular exercise. Daily walks 2/3 times a day with physical and mental stimulation helps to keep your pet happy and healthy.

We hope this blog post provided some helpful information on our Indian dog breeds and how they make incredible household pets. Feel free to comment below for any queries or suggestions.

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