8 Popular Pet Movies to Watch in Lockdown 2020

Marley & Me
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The world is dealing with a lot of chaos due to coronavirus and the lockdown and other serious problems catapulting our lives. But this has also made come close to our family and spend quality time with our lovely pets. They make our lives so much better with their love, shenanigans, cuddling and companionship and remind us to live in the present. So let us make our 2020 a little bit better by grabbing that glass of wine, making some home-made comfort food and watching some of the most popular pet movies in the lockdown of 2020 while our pets snuggle with us. 

List of Some Amazing Pet Movies: 

The films that we have picked are our all-time-favourite pet movies and if you feel like you wanna add to this list then mention those films in the comment section and we will review them as well. So let’s talk about the films, shall we? 

Marley & Me:

This wonderful movie will make you feel all kinds of emotions. The film takes you through the life and times of an American journalist and writer John Grogan and his marvellous dog Marley. Based on his book, Marley is full of all things good and bad. He is mischievous, hyper, loving, adventurous and a sure shot trouble maker. But beneath that mischief is a dog who loves his family dearly. They go through various ups and downs and the end will make you feel so many emotions you didn’t think you were capable of going through. If you are a dog pawrent then this film is for you and if you are thinking of adopting a pet then this will help you get through the decision as well. Make sure to watch it with your family. 

101 Dalmatians:

This film is a crazy roller coaster ride of all things fun. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon movie that will keep your kids busy and guarantee a watch like never before. This film made the Dalmatians world-famous as a breed and the villain also garnered a lot of popularity for her role as Cruella-de-Vil. This is also based on a book by Dodie Smith and talks about a couple who meet and fall in love due to their dogs and how this leads to their litter of Dalmatians finding themselves into a web of dognapping case. How these cuties rescue the other dogs and lead the authorities to Cruella de Vil is another roller coaster ride altogether. We are sure your kids will love it and watch the reruns as they play with their four-legged friend. 

A Dog’s Purpose & A dog’s Journey:

This two-part saga of how much our dogs care about us and would do anything to be with us, even if it means reincarnating as different dogs to keep us happy. This film is full of some amazing tear-jerking moments and extra-ordinary dogs that have acted so well, you will wish this reincarnation theory were true. You have to watch both the parts to see how our OG boss-dog Bailley eventually ends up with his forever pal Ethan. 

A Dog’s Way Home:

This film is about the extraordinary journey of a lost dog, Bella who goes through a lot of good and bad adventures to meet her buddy, Lucas. How she makes friends with an unlikely companion. This also show how she spends almost two years apart from her beloved pawrent. How she overcomes so many hurdles, will make you want to make you hug your pet with passion. This sure made me kiss my pooch a hundred times and he gave me a puzzled look and tilted his head a hundred times. 

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale:

This tale about a dog’s loyalty and love towards his dad is so heart-breaking that it will make you cry for hours. You would surely want to make things better for the poor dog. It is based on a true story of a dog named Hachi who waits for his dear dad at the train station for years after his demise, hoping to find him one day. This eventually leads to his demise as well. This tale has touched so many hearts around the world that a statue has been made at the spot where Hachi used to wait for his dad every day. You have to carry a big box of tissues and a huge tub of ice cream for this one. It is sure to start the waterfall and make you sob like there’s no tomorrow. But it is a lovely movie nevertheless. 

The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2:

The Secret Life of Pets two-part crazy animation saga of what our pets do after we leave them and go to our jobs is so delightful and fun to watch. A quirky take of the side that is hidden from us by our pets and would always be a mystery. We are sure you will look at your fur baby in a different light once you go through this crazy joy ride of a film. Watch it with your kids as they would be thrilled with the animation.

Eight Below:

This film is a sad and somewhat happy story of eight sled dogs. They are left behind by a crew on an expedition. The narrative takes you through their journey of survival and how Jerry Shephard, a guide goes back to look for them. These beautiful creatures have acted really well in the harsh locations of freezing cold climate. This is a story based on true events and a remake of the Japanese film Antarctica. We are sure you will love the film that showcases the beautiful bonds between the pack and how loyal and brave these dogs are. 


This film is about Bolt, an actor dog and his friendship with Penny, a child actor and his co-star on a super dog film. Bolt is under the impression that he has superpowers and takes his acting job seriously. He comes off age when he gets lost accidentally and comes across a fan guinea pig and a sadistic cat. They start an adventurous journey that is too good to be true. It is a blockbuster film with some amazing animation and great dialogue delivery by voice artists. A clear winner with the kids.

Bonus Mention-  Chillar Party:

A Fun Bollywood Movie on pets and friendships. This will surely be a huge hit to be watched on a Sunday evening with the entire family. The film is about the shenanigans of the kids and how they fall in love with a dog and how the dog and his kid friend change their lives. 

We hope that you watch all these pet movies with your family and have loads of fun. Do let us know if there are any other pet movies that you would like us to watch, in the comment section. Click here if you want to go through 10 amazing tips that will keep your pets busy in the time of quarantine.

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