Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You?

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As a pet parent, there are so many decisions that you have to take before you adopt a pet. When you get a puppy home, his cute face and puppy eyes are so irresistible that following some rules becomes very difficult. One of the major dilemmas you face is should you let your dog sleep in bed with you or not. 

I know all pet parents have come across this confusing situation and haven’t come to a conclusion. So let us help you out by discussing the pros & cons of the situation. Once we discuss that, it would become easier for you to make a decision. We will also let you know what we’ve chosen personally and whether it has changed our lives for good. 

The Pros:

Image of Bosco, my dog, sleeping with us in the blog: Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You

So let us first talk about the pros. 

  1. Studies show that sleeping or cuddling with your pets reduces anxiety and stress. 
  2. They provide us with warmth and a sense of security. 
  3. They also prove good companions for those who can’t sleep alone. 
  4. Apart from that, kids who are used to sleeping and spending time with pets, show a better cognitive understanding and a higher EQ as they grow. 
  5. This leads to a strong emotional bond with your dog and makes you feel connected. 
  6. Also, who are we kidding, they look adorable while sleeping on the couch or bed. always a pro. Period.
  7. As per the – Studies show that a lot of people who have autism, sleeping with their pets has proven to be beneficial for them. This helps them have a great bond with their pet and they also come out of their shell. A lot of patients who are prone to seizures have relied on their therapy dogs to calm them down. They also prove excellent companions who are trained in such a way that if the ASD person needs any help, they immediately alert the family. By providing them with bodily pressure by closely sleeping with them, they are able to keep them calm and also guarantee a deep sleep. 

The Cons:

Image of Bosco, sleeping under the blanket in the blog : Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You
  1. There are some chances of human-canine transmission of diseases but that is rare. But this does give some people anxiety. 
  2. Some people are allergic to dog hair and sleeping with dogs might not be a good idea for them. You also have to keep an air purifier and wash the duvets more often.
  3. They do tend to take a lot of space and for some, this is an issue. 
  4. Our sleeping cycles are different from them and this might lead to some people not getting a sound sleep. 


Bosco, sleeping on the sofa.

Some people say that this habit will spoil the dog but this is not true. It has nothing to do with over-pampering your dog. There are other reasons that could lead to a spoilt dog. But this is not the only reason that proves troublesome. This topic is one of those that will always remain debatable. But the pros are more than cons so sometimes, it is important to not stick by the book and try and go with the flow. Every family does what is best for them. Sometimes it isn’t about: Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You. It is about what makes you happy. So no decision is good or bad. To each, his own. Whatever makes you and your dog sleep peacefully. 

Our Experience:

Bosco, sitting on the sofa looking happy
A Seal-Dog

Personally, I have become so used to his snoring and cuddling that if he doesn’t sleep with me, I can’t fall asleep. I feel more secure and at peace, if he is on the bed. We have never come across a situation where the transmission of diseases has taken place between us and that is enough for now. He is our son and that is how things roll here. If it makes him happy, then nothing else matters. We hope that our blog will help you make a decision. This also works for cats and a lot of people don’t mind if their cats sleep with them and that is okay. 

We hope that you now have a clear answer to the question : Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You. If you are planning to adopt a dog but you live in an apartment, here are some tips and tricks to handle this situation without any problem. 

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