Cat Toys and Accessories in India

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Cats are truly aliens from another planet. Their cute and naughty shenanigans, mood swings and diva-like behaviour are what sets them apart from their canine counterparts. They own the house and its inhabitants and love us in their own weird hot & cold way. But one of the best things about adopting a cat is when you see them play. These nimble and agile beings light up the room with their antics and you just can’t get enough of them. If you want to keep a kitten or a cat active and thriving, you will need a couple of toys to keep them busy. Today we will talk about some of the most popular cat toys and accessories in India that you can get hold of and keep your feline up and about. 

Top 8 Cat Toys & Accessories in India:

Cat Teaser Feather Toy:

Image of a cat playing with a feather toy in the blog Cat Toys and Accessories

These cute little toys are super fun to use and pretty simple but effective. Cats love things that move and they love to chase these things. They can’t resist things that they can grab hold of. One of the most popular toys is the Cat Teaser Feather Toys. It is this carbon or wooden stick that has cute and vibrant feathers attached at the end. Your cat will love these and you can always tease them and make them run around a room or on the bed. 

Cat Teaser String Toy:

Image of a cat playing with a string toy

These cute little stick toys are like teaser feather toys but have colourful and wiggly strings attached at the end. Like the feathers, you can twirl these strings in front of the cat and it will try to get hold of the strings and bounce around to catch it. Some even get dragged to the floor in a playful way as they don’t want to let go of it. 

Cat Catnip Mice:

Image of Cat Mice Toy in the blog Cat Toys and Accessories

These are the second most popular cat toys and accessories in India. These mice are furry, colourful and extremely cute and your cats won’t get enough of these. They try to bite these toys and roll it with their paws and hide them in their beds and secret corners. They are super addictive and also come in different variables. Some of these toys move on keys or battery and drive the cats crazy and keep them on their feet.   

Interactive Toy – Circle Track with Moving Balls: 

These kind of toys are super interactive and require the cat’s attention. This one is best if you want to keep the cat engaged for quite some time. They will keep playing with it and you can go about your work. These also help the cat in being sharp and quick. There are a lot of variables in these ball toys and all are made in such a way so as to keep your cat occupied and smart. 

Scratcher Toy with Running Mice: 

These are kind of like the circle track interactive toys but with moving mice. These will also keep your cat busy and intrigued. Some also come with scratching posts and a combination of multiple mice and cats. 

Cat Activity Tree Towers with Scratching Post: 

Image of a cat playing with a scratch post

These are pretty expensive but your cats will love it. Cats have an innate habit of scratching surfaces and this toy will keep them busy and agile. Your cat will scratch it, climb it and sit peacefully on the top of the tower and have a good time by itself. These come in different shapes, sizes and compartments and will win your cat over immediately. In fact, some cats make it their personal territory and love lounging at the top. 

Cat Tunnels: 

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

These amazing tunnels make crackling sounds and have different outlets that your cat will enjoy entering. Cats love to climb and enter small spaces and these will amp up the excitement for them. You can also make this a part of the cat obstacle challenge and have an adventurous and fun time with your cat. 


We have saved the best game for the last. This amazing game is adored and loved by cats all over the world. They just can’t get enough of it and it becomes their life’s goal to catch the red dot. This is the most cost-effective toy and can be used to make your cat jump around all over the place and go bat-shit crazy. If you still haven’t tried it then you definitely should and make the most of this while they are still young and agile.

We hope that you loved our list of cat toys and accessories and if you haven’t bought these for your cat then you definitely should do it now. Just be sure that you choose a toy that is safe for your cat and there are no parts that are ingestable or cat be eaten by your cat. The material also matters and so does the quality. So make sure you make the right choice.

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