Dental & Oral Care Products for Dogs

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Life without teeth for us humans is mostly problematic but for dogs, it basically means having no means of protection against threats. It also means not being able to eat and gnaw on bones and other hard things. For dogs, gnawing and chewing are almost like a second character. Which is why they also need regular dental care. But it isn’t as easy as it looks. Today I will list down some of the dental & oral care products for dogs that I have given to my dog and they have worked pretty well in his favour.

Why Do Dogs Need Dental Care?

There are so many dog toothbrushes out there in the market with toothpaste specifically made for them. I tried doing that too but my dog hated the experience. Most dogs do. Which is why there are other means of effective dental care. Dogs may not have cavity issues but they do have tartar and plaque problems which may eventually lead to other serious infections. So here are some the most popular oral care products that Bacardi liked.

I will also rate them as per my dog’s liking and how effective they have been in his case. I have used two major categories of dental and oral care products for dogs: 

Dental & Oral Spays & Liquids: 

Petkin Plaque Spray:

Ratings: 4/5

This amazing plaque spray has a strong peppermint flavour that immediately gets rid of bad breath. A lot of dogs who love mint flavour will actually like tasting this. Two-three pumps and your dog will be fine. This is almost like a quick fix to bad breath problems but is also good for getting rid of tartar. You may use it regularly but I used it when some guests are about to come over and I need a quick fix. 

Petkin Liquid Oral Care:

Rating: 3.5/5

This one right here is a great option for those dogs who get annoyed by strongly flavoured sprays. My dog was initially petrified of the dental spray but he eventually came around. But if your dog doesn’t like it then this odourless, tasteless oral care product is perfect for them. You just need to shake it well and mix it with their water on a daily basis. The instructions on how to use it are mentioned at the back of the product bottle. 

Oral & Dental Chewsticks: 

Twistix Chews Vanilla Flavour:

Ratings: 3/5

Chews are an excellent source of dental and oral care for dogs as they are tasty, chewy and dogs love to gnaw on them. This doesn’t feel like a hard way of following a dental regime and dogs willingly do it. A dental stick daily will keep his teeth tartar-free. 

Forcans Green Apple Dental Chews:

Ratings: 3/5

These smell amazing and have green tea and green apple extracts. These are more chewy and gummy than usual dog chews but especially tackle the issue of bad breath. You can given these to those dogs who hate dental sprays . These are used as an immediate fix for the bad breath. 

Dog Lovers Raw Hide Chew Sticks:

Ratings: 5/5

A lot of dogs love these chewsticks as they last longer and are made of rawhide. My dog loves these and would do anything for a treat like this *Be a good boy and not be naughty in front of the guests*. These also act like brushes and get rid of tartar and plaque. 

Pet Centre Chicken & Milk Flavoured Hard Knots:

Ratings: 4/5

These are my dog’s second favourite treats as they are chicken and milk flavoured hard knots that have a lot of crunch and bite to it. He does finish it pretty quickly so we give it to him very rarely. These get rid of bad breath so you can use them as an alternative for the soft ones. 

Our Two Cents:

You can give a lot of these dental chewsticks alternately while you should continue with the spray or liquid oral care products on a daily basis. 

We hope that our article helps keep your dog’s oral and dental care under check. If you are a new pet parent and don’t know which food items are safe for your dog and which are toxic, go through our blog by the same name. Do let us know in the comments below if you found our blog interesting and useful!

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