10 Things to Remember Before You Adopt a Cat

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Adopting a cat is an important decision to make. When a cat enters your life, you go through a metamorphosis as a human being. They become your companion and employers and you become their manservant. But there are a lot of things to remember before you adopt a cutie patootie cat or kitten. A lot of things have to be kept in mind before you do it. So here’s a list of things you need to remember before you adopt a cat.

Compatibility with the house

It is extremely important to have a house prepared before you adopt a cat. Cats are mostly indoor pets and they love to lounge around in every nook and cranny in the house. They love cosy and closed places. But this also means that you won’t be able to reach such places. They might get stuck as well. So cat-proofing such places and other sharp corners is important. 

Compatibility with your lifestyle: 

A lot of pet parents have different work schedules so that kind of decides how much time can you spend with your cat. If you have a very hectic schedule then you need to adopt an independent cat who isn’t very clingy. This way, your cat will get its ‘me time’ and you can be guilt-free about your work schedules. 

Compatible bed:

You need to get a bed for your cat as per its breed and liking. This is important before you adopt a cat as the sleeping area has to be decided beforehand. Your cat could sleep with you on your bed but it also needs to have a bed of its own. 

Compatible crate:

When travelling or commuting with your cat, you need to buy the right kind of crate that is fit for your cat. The size, the type and the compatibility matters. These need to be comfortable and airy so that your cat doesn’t feel anxious. 

Compatible litter box:

It is important to know which kind of litter box you and your cat can handle well and with what filling. Some litter boxes are simple and some are pretty hi-tech and easy to handle. Hygiene of the house and litter box is important and the corner where it is kept is crucial.

Food & Bowls

You need to decide beforehand what kind of cat food you need to give to your cats. You can talk with a vet to guide you through it or make a diet plan as per the breed of your cat. Here’s a blog on the popular cat food brands in India by us that will guide you well.  

Cat toys and scratching posts:

Cats are pretty active and fun to be with. This also means that things can get a little tricky if your cat goes through a destructive mode. To keep them busy and happy, it is important to buy them cute toys and scratch posts that are interactive and exciting for the cat. We have a list of cat toys and accessories that will do the trick and help you come to a decision. 

Compatibility with your pets:

If you have other pet animals in your house, it is extremely important to see if they are compatible with the new furball. A lot of animals do not get along with other animals and cats are notorious for that. So go for a trial week and see if things go well.

Compatibility with your kids:

It is important that your cat gets along with your kids, especially newborn babies. From checking for allergy to cats to seeing if the cat is nice to your kids and vice-versa, it is important that the well-being of both the cat and your kids be considered before you adopt the cat.  

Medical history, vets & everything in between:

You need to check for the cat’s medical history before adopting it. You also need to appoint a vet who will take care of your cat’s medical needs from the day you adopt it. It is important that you don’t change too many vets and be in touch with one or two, at the most. You also need to figure out all the information related to vaccinations and de-worming before you get a cat. 

It is important to do some research before you adopt a cat. They are cute and cuddly being with claws and taking good care of them starts with knowing what you are getting into. We hope our blog helps you in making a decision and you fall in love with a beautiful cat who changes your life forever. 

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  1. Very lovely post, I stumbled upon your post when writing about why rescuing a hamster is better than buying one. Thanks for all the tips!

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