Month: July 2020

Difference in the Behavioural Traits of Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs are leaps apart when it comes to their core nature and these differences are well defined. There are so many behavioural traits we have observed between canines and felines that are different which is why the world has divided pet lovers into two major categories – Cat lovers and dog lovers.  Today

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11 Things to Remember Before You Adopt a Dog

It feels wonderful when you see pets shower their pet parents with loads of love and cuddles. You wish you had it too and there is no greater joy than adopting a cute little dog who adores you. But there is more to having a dog in life than playing amd cuddling and making merry.

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PTSD in Rescue Dogs

We, humans, are used to dealing with stress, induced from situations that are traumatic in nature. But there are situations where the trauma is so much that it induces a disorder and handling it becomes difficult. That reaction to trauma is called PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just like us humans, dogs who have had

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