11 Things to Remember Before You Adopt a Dog


It feels wonderful when you see pets shower their pet parents with loads of love and cuddles. You wish you had it too and there is no greater joy than adopting a cute little dog who adores you. But there is more to having a dog in life than playing amd cuddling and making merry. Things that are so crucial that it could make or mar his life with you. Which is why we have decided to help you out and let you know about things you need to remember before you adopt a dog. Let’s get started, shall we?

List of Things to Remember Before You Adopt a Dog:

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Your Lifestyle:

Bringing a dog home is pretty amazing but what we all don’t think about is the fact that our lifestyle has a huge impact on their life and upbringing as well. Dogs need a lot of your time and attention and if you have a busy schedule or a travelling job then having an active dog home isn’t a good idea. Dogs love spending quality time with their family and if you can’t do that then their disposition changes and that is not good. So research well and adopt a dog that is compatible with your lifestyle. You need to see if your dog is fit for an apartment or needs a huge space. 

Considering the Expenses:

Living with a dog is quite expensive and the expenses depend on the breed as well. From basic needs like Food and Medical needs to other lifestyle needs like toys, clothes and grooming, all these expenses will change the way you see adoption. Calculate all these expenses well and accordingly take a decision. 


Dogs love eating and their life revolves more or less around their food intake. So you need to decide what kind of diet your dog needs. You can plan out these things as per the breed and characteristics of your dog. You should surely consult a vet before you buy things. What kind of food brands suit your pup, food that is good or bad for him and what is the nutrition value they require, all these things should be kept in mind. 

Medical Needs:

Finding the right kind of vet and catering to all the medical needs is one of the most important variables when it comes to adopting a pet. Depending on the age, medical history (in case of a stray or rescue dog) and his predisposition, the expenses might vary drastically. These expenses will surely be a lot and you need to be financially stable to be able to afford it. 

Vaccinations & Deworming:

Vaccinations and deworming are one of the most important things a dog can’t do without. When you adopt a dog, you need to check with a good vet whether what kind of vaccinations your pup will require as per his age. Puppies need 3-4 vaccinations in the first year. Once they are old enough, you just need to vaccinate them once. The number of deworming sessions also depends on their age. But mostly this needs to be taken care of in every 3-6 months. 


It is important to neuter or spay your dog at the right time because a lot of male dogs have behavioural issues and neutering them eliminates those aggressive or anxious-ridden behavioural patterns. 

Toys & Bedding:

Dogs love playing and toys keep them busy and distracted. It is a lot of fun to play with them and involve a lot of toys to increase his interactive qualities. But if you see, a lot of toys are pretty expensive so it is important to keep that in mind before you adopt a dog. Bedding is another important expense. Your dog will spend a lot of his time while sleeping so getting the right kind of bed is important. You need to go through different kinds of beds available in the market and choose a bed for your dog accordingly. 

Clothes & Grooming:

This category is optional and depends on the kind of breed you are about to adopt. If you go for an indie dog, these needs are almost unnecessary but if you have a dog who can not do without grooming then you need to figure out if there are plenty of grooming centres in and around your area. This is also pretty expensive so keep your budget in mind and then adopt a dog as per your financial condition. 

Compatibility with Family Members, Babies and Other Pets:

It is extremely important to introduce your dog with other dogs, family members and babies before you adopt a dog. A lot of dogs may or may not be comfortable with babies and other pets. Your family also needs to be ok with the adoption and not be allergic to dog hair. 


Dogs are bursting with energy and if we don’t direct it in the right direction, this may very well turn into destructive traits. So taking them out on regular walks, fun-filled swimming session, treks and nature walks will tire them nicely. 

Teaching Them Basic Commands and Potty Training:

Training them with basic commands of obedience and potty training them at the right time is pretty crucial. You could either train your pet yourself or hire someone to do so. But it is important that you research well about these things before getting into it. 

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