What Is the Cost of Owning a Dog in India?

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Image of a dog in the article- What is the cost of owning a dog in India?
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Living with dogs is a fun-filled roller-coaster ride full of love, cuddles and adventures. But this journey needs a lot of dedication. Even a plant needs love and care and so do other beings. So if you are thinking of adopting a dog for a pet, it is important to consider that we be accountable for all the necessary expenses he/she needs. Like any other relationship, love isn’t the only thing that will make it work. Life is expensive and so is having a pet at home. You have to be prepared for baring the expenses and that requires being financially stable. So today we will talk about the cost of owning a dog in India. 

The factors behind the cost of owning a dog in India :


One of the most basic needs to consider before you adopt a dog is food. There are two options for the same; one is dog food and the other option is home-cooked food. How expensive it can get depends on what you opt for. If you are thinking of going for dog food then the two most popular brands are Pedigree and Royal Canin. Pedigree is more pocket-friendly than Royal Canin. A 10 KG pack of Pedigree is worth Rs 1750-1950 whereas a 3 KG pack of Royal Canin is worth Rs. 1750-2100. For a detailed analysis, read our article on the same. On an average, if your pet requires a minimum of 10  KG packet of Pedigree, then the cost of food comes up to at least Rs 2000 or more depending on the diet of the dog. If you go for home-cooked food then also the cost of chicken or eggs makes it a little costly. 

Medical Needs:

Going to the vet is a daunting task and one of the most costly affairs just like for us humans. The consultancy fees range from a minimum of 200 to 700. Some medicines are common for them and us but some are different and they too range from 100 bucks to 1500. These expenses may not be on a monthly basis but don’t come cheap either. Surgeries might range from 10K to a Lac or so. 

Vaccinations and Deworming: 

Deworming tablets have to be given every three months and vaccination happens every year if your dog is an adult and for a pup, this happens in intervals. One vaccination injection of a dog ranges from 1000 bucks to 2000 bucks every year. Deworming tablets range from 200 bucks to 400 bucks and these are given in an interval of three months. 

Toys and Bedding:

Toys are an expensive situation altogether and the cheapest of toys range from Rs 300 and go up to Rs 2000-3000 depending on how interactive they are. But dogs are simple and a simple ball might do the trick, so will a wooden stick. So this may or may not come under compulsory expenses. 

Same goes for a bed. Your dog may sleep on your own bed or may need a simple mattress that costs up to Rs 500 and may go up to 3000-4000 depending on how luxurious you want it to be. 

Clothes & Grooming:

Clothes are also a part of luxury and most indie dogs don’t need it. But if you want to dress up your dog or save him from cold weather then on an average, the rate of a sweater or a T-shirt will start from Rs 500 and go up to 3000 depending on how customized it is. 

Grooming is also an expensive affair. A simple treatment at the spa will cost you at least a 1000 bucks and could go on till 3000 bucks depending on what you want to get done. 

Hiring a Trainer or a Dog Walker:

Trainers charge from 10,000 bucks to 20,000 bucks depending on what kind of training your dog needs. This expense is a one-off charge so counting it on a monthly basis is not needed. You can also home-train your dog and teach him some simple commands easily. 

Dog walkers charge anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 depending on the number of times they take your dog for a walk in a day. This expense is charged on a monthly basis. 

Treats and Snacks:  

Treats are surely one of the most fun and indulging expenses of them all. These can be made at home as well but it is fun to see dogs go bat shit crazy for treats. These range from a meagre Rs 300 for a small pack of treats and go up to as much as 3000 bucks depending on the ingredients. These may be vegetarian or non-vegetarian in nature and that is how the prices go up. But it is fun to see their eyes light up with excitement. 

We hope this article helps you in understanding the cost of owning a dog in India. If you are planning to adopt a dog then you should go through our article on the 11 steps to remember before you adopt a dog

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