Difference in the Behavioural Traits of Dogs and Cats

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Cats and dogs are leaps apart when it comes to their core nature and these differences are well defined. There are so many behavioural traits we have observed between canines and felines that are different which is why the world has divided pet lovers into two major categories – Cat lovers and dog lovers.  Today we have decided to talk about just that. What are the behavioural traits of a pet cat and what are the behavioural traits of a pet dog? Let’s go ahead and read some more to find out. 

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Behavioural Traits of a House Dog:

Warm & Loving: 

Dogs are super loving and warm. They would do anything to bring a smile on your face. They are people pleasers and amazing nannies to human babies. Their love has been celebrated time and again throughout centuries and they prove to be extremely caring companions. 


They are extremely loyal to their families and would even give their lives for them. The stories of their bravery and loyalty have been time and again talked about and they have also been honoured with the title of the most loyal animal/companion out there. 


They are the most obedient beings on the face of this earth. This is the reason there are so many dogs who serve in the armed forces and as support dogs for a lot of people who need a companion. They are easy to train and adapt well to different situations. 


Story of Hachiko and his emotional bond with his father has become world-famous and this shows how emotional dogs are. Many believe that a dog might have such strong bonds with humans, other dogs or other animals as well. They especially become very protective of babies and prove to be the best childhood companions. 

No Sense of Space:

This is true for a lot of dogs as they have no sense of space. They are stuck to the bone to the being they get attached to and have major separation anxiety if left alone. A lot of dogs whine and cry if left alone for too long. 

Cute and Cuddly:

They are adorable and love to cuddle and sleep with you. My dog is so cuddly and wonderful, he loves to sleep with me every night. They are also pillow and bed stealers and love to sleep like the bed belongs to them. 

Behavioural Traits of a House Cat:

Sassy and a little grumpy:

Cats are famous for being sassy and confident. They don’t listen to their pet parents and rule the house. A lot of times, they let you know if they are displeased with you and also bully big giant dogs which is hilarious to witness. But they are super cute and usually choose the humans they want to spend the rest of their life with. Which is not a very bad trait. You gotta have some sass to rule the world, don’t you!

Needs space:

They are very particular about having their own space and do not like being touched unnecessarily. A lot of cats tend to roam around freely and need a lot of freedom when it comes to being independent even though they are house pets. When they are in heat, they like to go about their business and don’t like to be disturbed. They go out there and do their thing and then come back. 


They are extremely moody and they behave accordingly only. There are times when they are super lovey-dovey and then there are times when they won’t like it if you touch them a lot or want to play. They are super playful but on their own accord. 

Less Emotional:

They are usually not very emotional and would only show love towards you when they feel like it is necessary. A lot of times they can be demanding of your attention but on their own accord. 

Low Maintenance and Carefree:

Cats are extremely low maintenance in the sense that they don’t need attention all the time like a lot of dogs do. They have a carefree nature and love being in their own zone. They also don’t need to pee and poop outside so that way they can be extremely low maintenance and do their pooping or peeing on their own.

Whatever traits we have discussed above do not take from the fact your cat or dog will exhibit these traits only.  A lot of cats are super loving and a lot of dogs are super sassy and grumpy. What makes this different is the core nature and the way they are raised. Some traits might never change no matter what happens but some are very much interchangeable. 

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