Choosing the Right Vet for Your Pet


Our pets are an integral part of our lives and imagining a life without them is a big no-no. People who want to adopt a pet have a lot of questions related to their diet, lifestyle, grooming, training, etc. But the most important factor we need to keep in mind is choosing the right vet for your pet. 

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This is an extremely crucial step as a vet is someone you depend on for the wellness and medical needs of your pets. You need to keep a couple of points in mind while choosing the right vet for your beloved pet. 

Just like us, humans, choosing a decent and compatible vet will help us in keeping our pets safe and healthy and make our lives much much easier. Read on to know more. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Vet for Your Pet: 

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Tip 1: Always check the certificate and degree: 

Make sure to check the credibility and credentials of a vet before choosing him for your pet. The fact that we know so less about the conditions of our pets, in the beginning, may cost him his life. So see to it that the one responsible for his medical condition should be an authentic doctor who has practiced for a couple of years and is a well-experienced vet. 

Tip 2: Get as many good references and recommendations as possible:

If you don’t know which vet to consult, you should always take recommendations and references from fellow pet owners or pet stores. You can also get in touch with an animal welfare NGO as they would know vets who are experienced and really care about the welfare of all animals. You can always consult two or three vets before you finalize one for your pet as this helps in keeping multiple options in case of emergencies. 

Tip 3: Keep the distance from your house in mind:

It is extremely important that the vet clinic isn’t very far off from your place as timing is crucial at the time of emergencies. If you waste too much time in emergencies, it might cost you your pet’s life. 

Tip 4: See how the vet interacts with your pet and other animals:

Observe the vet with your pet and other animals that come to him. A vet who is compassionate, gentle, and knows how to care for animals while they are agitated, scared or in pain is the vet you need to go for. Your pet also has to be comfortable with him and feel safe and calm in his presence. The best way to check how he handles animals is the way he calms them down when they are whining or crying or barking loudly. A good vet will have a soothing voice and demeanor that will immediately make the pet feel comfortable. This is one of the most crucial tips in choosing the right vet for your pet.

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Tip 5: Make note of all the facilities and services they provide:

When you visit a vet clinic for the first time, it is important to note down what all facilities they offer. You need to ask if they operate on a 24/7 basis or if they have shifts. Do they have a facility where all the tests are available nearby or do they outsource it. You also have to check if they have all the medicines and other necessary elements available at the beck and call or will you be getting the medicines from some other medical shop. These facilities will make your vet trips easy and more manageable.  

Tip 6: The charges of the vet clinic or individual doctor:

Having a pet is an expensive affair and not everyone can afford a costly vet clinic and it is important that you consider the charges before you take your pet to a vet. A lot of NGOs have in-house doctors for those who can’t afford the medical bills that come with having a pet at home. So it is important that you ask around a little and then go visit a vet. 

Tip 7: Availability & references of multiple vets at the time of emergencies: 

It is important that you have one or two numbers of decent vets who you know well sometimes, your regular vet might not be available due to different reasons. In such cases, you need to have a back-up vet who you can trust and who will surely be available if you need him. 


Having a pet is a huge responsibility and choosing the right vet for your pet is one of the cardinal rules that you shouldn’t ignore. But don’t you worry, we will take you through all the important steps of adopting a pet and slowly but surely, you will get a hang of it. 

If you are planning to adopt a cat or a dog then do read our blogs on the same and let us know if you liked it!  

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