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Dogs are the sweetest little beings on the face of the earth and we are blessed that they have chosen us to shower all their love and wet kisses. But it is important to know which dog is meant to make your life a hundred times better and for that, you need to at least have all the information related to these dog breeds. So we decided we wanted to help you which is why here’s a list of the most popular dog breeds from A-Z.

So let’s start with the list of the popular dog breeds from A-Z, starting with the alphabet A and get to know some breeds that might become your future family members and fill your life with happiness. 



Image of Akita dog for popular dog breeds from A-Z
Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

This adorable Japanese breed is famous for its sharp features and loyalty. They are a fiercely proud breed that has made a name in the world for their reserved nature similar to a feline. The breed gained international fame after the passionate loyalty portrayed by a dog named Hachiko in Japan. Since then, a lot of people like his glorious beast for his funny cat-like behavior and prim and proper demure. He could be perfect for you if you like to live alone. He could be the perfect companion for you and pledge a life-long alliance with all his/her heart. 

Alaskan Malamute

Image of Alaskan Malamute for popular dog breeds from A-Z

An Alaskan Malamute is a large hairy dog similar to a Siberian Husky and Samoyed. Trained as a sled dog since time memorial, these huge dogs are fiercely loyal and brave. They thrive in a pack and need hardcore physical exercise every day. Their coat helps them survive in the cold weather and snow very easily. They are sharp and intelligent and prove to be great companions. They have proved to be a stronger breed than the huskies for carrying large amounts of weight whereas Huskies are famous for their agility. It is a well-muscled breed and is used to the idea of hunting or preying on tiny animals as this is a part of their nature. If trained well, they are amazing with small kids and other family members. 



These adorable small to medium-sized breed is famous for possessing loads of energy and sass. They have small feet and long floppy ears that make them look extremely cute. These cuties have a friendly temperament but need to get tired or else they might get destructive. Such small breeds tend to gain weight if they don’t have a proper diet and good exercise. They belong to the family of hounds and are used for their sharp sense of smell as hunting or marking dogs. They are great with kids and other animals and love to laze around the house. Perfect for you if you need a small dog with retriever-like qualities.   


Photo by Creative Workshop from Pexels

Bulldogs are stubby medium-sized dogs with snubbed nose and a muscular small body. They have muzzles that look smooshed which gives them a very cute squishy face. These dogs have wrinkled skin and teeth that cutely protrude due to the shape of their face. They are short-haired which makes them one of the most popular dogs out there for an indoor lifestyle. These dogs are usually pretty stately and lofty in their demeanor and love to lounge around in the house. They are friendly and jovial and are great around kids. Due to their build and size, they may have some health issues and it is important to keep them on their feet so as to avoid obesity and heart diseases. 


Photo by Marcus Christensen from Pexels

Boxers are these muscularly fit and medium-sized dogs who look slightly similar to bulldogs but are somewhat different due to the size. They were bred by crossbreeding a Bulldog and a Bullenbeiser. Their strong jaws and a fearful bite makes them ideal guard dogs. They are nimble on their feet and excellent for hunting and tracking. Their agile and strong bodies have helped them win a lot of dog competitions world-wide. They are highly trainable which makes them perfect for police dog training and therapy dogs. They are loyal family dogs but need a huge field to tire as that is the need of the breed. The more they busy they are, the better. They also prove excellent herd dogs and calmly direct cattle with their intelligence and leadership skills. 

Bakharwal Dog

The fluffy mountain dog from India is an endangered species of the Indian herding dog community. They are fiercely loyal and used for herding cattle and sheep by the nomadic tribes in the cold regions of northern India. They are gentle giants that are super agile and have a strong body with thick fur that helps them survive low temperatures. These poor babies are also found as stray dogs in that region but the good thing is that the locals love them and treat them nicely. 

Basset Hound

Photo by Cesar Mendez from Pexels

The brand ambassador of the Hush Puppies brand, they have giant floppy ears and look like a mix between beagles and dachshunds. They have giant floppy ears and extra small legs with an elongated body. Their sense of smell is excellent and they are usually great as bird dogs and find game or locate birds for bird watching or photography purposes. They have a sweet temperament and are great with kids. They love tracking and thrive in such careers. 


Hounds are ideal for hunting and preying since the good ol ages and rightly so. Their exceptional pointing skills and a very well developed sense of smell make them the best companion for game hunting purposes. They also help birdwatchers in pointing out the different species on their wildlife expeditions. They prove to outstanding police dogs for tracking people and other important good. Their temperament is docile and they are obedient dogs that thrive in high-level training regimes. Even though they have a natural instinct of hunting, they can be good family dogs provided you give them a lot of exercises. 

Stay tuned on our page to discover all about the other popular dog breeds from A-Z and find out if any of these dogs are meant to be a part of your family. We will continue with the other alphabets in our next segment.

It is interesting to know that India also has a lot of local dog breeds that are perfect for the kind of climate we deal with. If you are unaware of these beautiful dog breeds then click on this link to know more about them.

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