All for the Right Cause-Visiting RRSA Animal Rescue

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Life is quite a struggle for some beings but being eternally happy is what gives them peace of mind. This kind of strength only comes with innocence and a never say never attitude. All animals are built this way and carry a lot of love and patience in their heart even when they have to endure so much pain at the hands of us petty humans and our unreasonable, selfish whims and fancies. We recently witnessed something similar when we visited the RRSA animal rescue at Anand and the entire experience changed the way we viewed all these beautiful animals.


It all happened at the time of Diwali when we got a break of a week. Initially, we planned to not go anywhere and stay at home due to the rise in the number of corona cases in our city. But Bacardi was getting restless and that is when we came across a tiny article in the newspaper. It was basically about the launch of the first Pet Park in our state. The way it was started was quite interesting.

RRSA, Anand is an animal rescue shelter that came up with the idea. They wanted to raise funds for their rescue work so they converted a small patch of land into a fun little pet park with loads of colourful obstacles and balls and other interesting equipment. Though Pet Park was quite far off from our place, we decided to drive down to shelter so that Bacardi could have the time of his life. The pandemic had already bored the bejesus out of him. So the plan was set. 

RRSA Anand- Animal Rescue Shelter

It was a pleasant ride to Pet Park as the roads were pretty fine and efficient and the animal shelter was located in the outskirts of Anand city. At the gate, we were greeted by an adorable Rottweiler named Jenny was quite friendly and a dorky little being. It was a quaint little shelter with a lot of rescued animals who were super happy to meet us couldn’t stop showing their happiness even in their dilapidated conditions. 

The Pet Park

The park was a beautiful melange of colourful balls and frolicky obstacles and lots and lots of sand which my dog couldn’t get enough of. He kept rolling in it and dug a hole for himself and sat there all gleeful and smiling from ear to ear.

The rescue people have also opened a sweet cafe in the same vicinity where the curated menu is built in such a way that you and your pets can have a nice time chilling and having good food. The proceeds from this initiative go into the rehabilitation and care of the angelic shelter rescues. 

The Animal Shelter

While Bacardi was having the time of his life in the park, we went to check out the shelter premises. We met all the rescue animals one by one and got to hear their pitiful stories from the resident Vet Dr Nilofer Desai. What struck us like a lightning bolt was the sheer love these beautiful angels had for us when we met them. There was a glimmer of hope in their eyes as we showered them with love. Some of them had really suffered a lot at the hands of some demonic humans who had no sense of empathy and had been downright evil with them. 

Their Stories

Yodha, a cute stray dog, had a huge gash on his throat. It was full of maggots and blood clots when he was brought into the shelter. This poor lad beared with all the pain and trauma with a wagging tail. 

Image of a blind dog at the RRSA animal rescue

Andrew came to their shelter in a very dilapidated condition. Someone had gouged both his eyes. They immediately had to remove one of his eyes and suture the wound. 

Image of an injured puppy at the RRSA animal rescue

There were so many puppies that had lost their limbs and were in so much pain. These poor souls kept whimpering all the time. The moment we gave them love and attention, all that whimpering turned into happy barks. 

Image of an abandoned dog, Jenny at the RRSA animal rescue

Jenny, the friendly Rottweiler was abandoned a while ago and left near their gate. The four-legged angel has been so happy with these people that when she got adopted, she was miserable at her new place. She kept crying all day long which is why she came back to her favourite place. Now she happily roams around the property and greets all the dogs and humans with her long wagging tail and her lopsided dorky grin. 

Image of an injured puppy at the RRSA animal rescue

Details for the Donation: 

Here is a link to their website –

Here is a direct link to their donation page –

You can also click on the link in their Instagram bio if you want to donate. Here are the details for the same –

Other details for donations: 

Google Pay 9913355932

Paytm 97240 00939


Account Name: RRSA Foundation

Account Number: 9811987555

IFSC Code : KKBK0000845

Account Type: Current Account

Kotak Mahindra Bank, Anand


This experience really opened our eyes to the stark reality of how the society treats animals. There’s so much that we need to do to change this situation. We would also request you to do your bit and donate as much as you can or adopt a furry baby at the RRSA animal rescue shelter. Taking a positive step towards their good cause will help you understand their plight even more. Do visit the Pet Park as well and contribute to the cause in any way possible. If you are planning of adopting a pet then do follow our blog on 11 Things to Remember Before you Adopt a Dog.

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