Popular Dog Breeds from A-Z Part 3


Life without dogs shouldn’t be legal. They are loving companions and live for our affection, love and food. If you are planning to get a fur baby in your life then first, you need to know the breeds well. Here’s part 3 of the popular dog breeds from A-Z.


English Mastiff

Image by Dave Griepsma from Pixabay

These gentle giant has always been very calm and dignified in its demeanour. It is a large dog with a huge moth that is covered with a black layer and a muscular frame. They come in dark and light brown colours with their jowls and lips rather droopy. They are lovely family dogs and dote on the babies and other animals with all their heart. It is very English in its conduct and looks and behaves rather royally. A very loyal large dog, it doesn’t get provoked easily but if the need arises, he will bravely fight anyone till its last breath to protect someone he loves. He needs regular exercise and socialisation because loves to meet people. The pride and royalty comes from the fact that they have been companions to royal lineages 


French Mastiff 

Image by Jan Steiner from Pixabay

They are also known as Dogue de Bordeaux and are as ancient as the English Mastiff. They are muscular beasts that are famous for their sturdy structure and power. In the old days, they were very much used as guard dogs for the rich and elite royals. Their fierce loyalty and strength are one of the key reasons they still work as guard dogs. This French breed from Bordeaux is biscuit brown in colour with a well-toned body, short hair-coat and a droopy, wrinkly face.

They may or may not have the black mask on their muzzle. It is said that they have the hugest head in all of the dog breeds. These giants are as courageous as the English Mastiffs and would proof excellent family dogs albeit they get a lot of exercises and a huge yard. They love socialising and mingling with kids and other dogs alike. They are loyal and sweet. 


German Shepherd Dog

Photo by K Zoltan from Pexels

This beautiful large dog with sharp ears and a swishy tail was employed as a herding dog in the old days. Found in Germany first, the dog was known as Alsatian Dog in the UK but got christened as German Shepherd Dog again later on. They are excellent sheepdogs but due to their unique characteristics, humans employ them as police and guard dogs as well. These light-bodied dogs come in a combination of brown and black with long muzzles and lean, short body. They have a double layer of fur and may or may not have long hair.

They sometimes also come in black and white in colour and look ravishing. This breed is famous for its intelligence and sharpness. This is one of the reasons why they work well as guard, police and rescue dogs. Their sniffing capacity is as good as the retrievers. They understand complex commands well and have a great bond with their trainers/humans. They are quite agile so need a lot of exercise for the mind and body. If not given enough exercise and training, they may get a little aggressive. 

Golden Retriever

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

This fluffy, friendly dog has become so popular as a family dog, kids and humans can’t get enough of his cuteness. The popular of Tucker Budzyn, an internet sensation is proof of that. Retrievers are medium-large dogs and as their name suggests, have some amazing retrieving skills. That is because of their ultra-soft mouth. They love playing in the water and are amicable to the core. They can be trained well for shows and are really good service dogs as well. This medium-large dog has a heavy coat with long, wavy golden hair that is water-resistant. Their fluffy tails and goofy smiles have won a lot of hearts. These golden nuggets are the best kinds out there exhibiting a very friendly and kind nature. They love swimming and playing catch. They prove excellent hunting dogs as they have a lot of patience and very delicately handle the prey. 

Great Dane 

Image of a Great Dane in the article popular dog breeds from A-Z Part 3
Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay

This dog is one of the largest breeds amongst all dogs and comes from Germany where they also call him the German Mastiff. This gentle giant is long and lanky with a sturdy body and giant face with wrinkly lips. They come in different colours like black, brindle fawn, grey and a combination of black and white, also known as mantle and harlequin. These cute dogs often don’t estimate their own size and love being affectionate. They are calm dogs bu very loyal and protective towards their people and may attack if you try to harm their loved ones. They have a lovely relationship with other dogs and animals and may sometimes be fearful of cats. 


Image of a greyhound in the article popular dog breeds from A-Z Part 3
Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

These skinny and lanky dogs are sadly used for dog racing because of their nimble structure and speed. They are friendly dogs that chatter when in a happy state of mind. Intelligent and sweet by nature, they love being with families. They like to treated properly and gel well with kids and old people. Greyhounds may be popular as hunting and racing dogs but they prove excellent apartment dogs and love getting pampered. They are slender in shape and have tiny heads with a sharp muzzle and a lopsided tongue. They have very short fur and may have a cute underbite due to the slender muzzles. 

Do check out the first and second part of the popular dog breeds from A-Z if you want to get to know all about the popular dog breeds around the world and stay tuned for more.

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