Popular Dog Breeds from A-Z Part 4

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Dogs and their unique quirks will never cease to amaze us. From the goofiness of the Golden Retrievers to the elegance of a King Charles Spaniel, every behavioural trait is unique and interesting to observe. In the last segment of our popular dog breeds from A-Z series, we went through dog breeds that ranged from E to G. Today, we will have a look at all the dogs from H to K.


Himalayan Guard Dog

Image of Himalayan guard dog - Popular dog breeds
Image by Hitesh Sharma from Pixabay

This beautiful dog is the embodiment of courage and loyalty in the hills of Nepal and India. Also known as the Bhotia dog, this sheepdog is famous for its bushy and long-haired fur. He is a friendly and active dog that is not meant to caged in a house. They need a lot of exercise and freedom. There are a lot of breeds in the Himalayan dogs and they are trained to herd the sheep. They usually bond or imprint on a single person and will remain loyal to that individual for a lifetime. These mountain dogs are also very social but you need to train them to be like that from the very beginning. They are fierce protectors of their people and packs and will do anything to save their family. 


Irish Wolfhound

Image of Irish Wolfhound - Popular dog breeds
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This huge dog was once the most fierce breed to take on the wolves and wild boars. Now, this practice has stopped but their instincts of preying are still intact. They do a lot of tracking and searching if trained well and prove excellent companion dogs. You just can’t expect them to be in apartments as they need their daily exercise to be at peace. There are a lot of literary and historical references to this mysterious dog breed. The fact that the current wolfhounds are the result of modern creation increases the amount of mystique and aura of the original one.

Apparently, the original breed was one of the oldest known to mankind and very well known in the Irish folklore. Rumour has it that these beasts were capable of killing lions and tigers with their gaming and hunting abilities. The modern breed is not very similar to the OG hunting breed but the story adds a different layer to its personality. You will mostly find them in the combination of grey, brown, white, black or red. You will never come across an Irish Wolfhound that isn’t intuitive. They all are smart and patient dogs but need a lot of exercises.


Jack Russel Terrier

Image of Jack Russel Terrier - Popular dog breeds
Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

This is the most confusing breed of them all the terriers. This one has gone through a lot od changes and specifications but the cuteness doesn’t reduce one bit. They are very hard working and can’t function without training. Back in the days, humans used them as hunting and pointing dogs. They have so much energy that if you don’t let them vent it, they may turn destructive. There is a beautiful and funny video by Buzzfeed in collaboration with Purina about a puppy that is an exhibit of how Jack Russel Terriers behave in real life. They are small and sturdy dogs that come in a combination of white with brown or black. They are intelligent and agile which makes them perfect show dogs. Pet parents, do us a favour, please adopt these funny, loud and smart dogs only if you can keep them active. 


King Charles Spaniel 

Image of King Charles Spaniels - Popular dog breeds
Image by 🎄Merry Christmas 🎄 from Pixabay

This gorgeous little fellow is a type of spaniel that gained popularity due to their association with King Charles II and the rest of the European royalty hence, the name. They get their stubby nose from their cross-breeding with the pugs. Their floppy, long ears and big eyes have made them a favourite in the elite circle. You can see how cute this breed is by watching this adorable video series by Buzzfeed in collaboration with Purina. They come in a combination of different colours like brown, black, white and wheatish. This is a cavalier breed that has been famous as a lap dog and they don’t like a lot of exercises. They are friendly but reserved so may or may not like mingling with kids. 


This lanky, Indian breed from Tamil Nadu is a unique hound from India. The meaning of their name comes from the Tamil word ‘kanni’ which means pure. This honour was bestowed upon this breed due to its loyalty and courage in the hunting field. Like any other hound, this breed is also very good at preying, hunting and pointing at the prey. There was a time when these majestic beasts were given to women after marriage for protection because of their fierce loyalty and reserved but brave nature. These tall dogs were also guard dogs of elite families in the old days. Kanni come in different colours like Brown, black or light red/fawn. They have a light coat that is perfect for the climate they live in. They need a lot of exercises and shouldn’t be adopted as apartment pets. 

If you loved this article then you should surely go and check out our part 1, 2, 3 of the popular dog breeds from A-Z series right now. We hope that you liked this part as well and stay tuned for 5th part to know about one of the most popular dog breeds amongst them all.

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