7 Popular Cat Treats in India

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Everything is calm and tranquil. You are sleeping on the couch. No sound in the house. Suddenly someone comes home. The footsteps go to the food cabinet and retrieve a pack. You hear the sound of the wrapper getting torn. Suddenly, something hairy and prickly just swoops off your face and starts meowing with excitement. You open your eyes and see your cat excitedly rubbing her body against your mother’s legs. She is eagerly waiting for her delicious, creamy treat. She goes crazy when the first drop touches her lips. If happiness had a face, it would be of your cat’s. Yes, friends. This article is going to be about – popular cat treats in India. 

All beings love treats be it dogs, cats or us humans. We are back with our review posts and this time we are here for the cat lovers! We all know how many dog treat brands are out there but if you have a cat, you aren’t behind either. Dogs may like more solid, chewy and crunchy treats but cats prefer soft, paste-like treats as they love nibbling on things. That doesn’t mean we have nothing chewy and crunchy for them. We’ve got it all. 

So here’s a cool list of popular cat treats in India, easily available in the market for your royal highness, feline. 

List of Popular Cat Treats in India 


This brand makes the best creamy cat treats in India, hands down. I have seen my cat lose her mind just with the smell of these paté- like treats. These are available in different flavours like Salmon. Bonito, Chicken & Liver and Crab. Personally, all cats love the fish-flavoured more than the others but these are quite easily available online and offline and you can also mix them with dry cat food if your cat is not finishing his/her food. These come in pack 1, 4, 6, 12 or a pack of 20. 


These melty treats have a very classy packaging and it just reminds me of a ninja cat having a snack before a war ensues. (quite possible). These come in two different flavours – Maguro Tuna & Seafood and Sashimi Chicken. You can always add these to their dry food meals to make it more delicious or use it as bait when you want to groom their nails or put drops in their ears(may god be with you).


This brand of cat treats has more flavours to offer than other dry treat brands. The packaging will remind you of Owl Kitty’s adorable face and effervescent eyes. They come in 5 different flavours – Snapper Jerky strips, Tuna jerky strips, Chicken jerky strips, Salmon rings and Sunfish and Chicken twirls. You can buy one each and see which one pleases your royal cat the most. 


These treats are slightly different than your usual cat treats. They have a surprise filling inside and that might be a highlight for your cats. They have four fun flavours namely – Salmon, Chicken, Tuna and Seafood Medley. These come in cute, colourful pouches and if you want, you can add a little creamy treat to make it even more interesting. 

Cataholics Neko 

This brand has one flavour but they provide two different textures as per the preferences of your cats. The flavour is Chicken & fish, the only difference is, one is in dry cube form and the other one is in soft spiral form. You could try both the variants or mix it up and surprise your cat every time she asks for a treat. 

Sara’s Cat Treats 

These chewy solid treats are an all-time-favourite for those cats who like having all kinds of textures. These are better if you want to train your cat (more often than not, it’s the other way round). These bits come in two different flavours – Chicken and Mahi Mahi Fish. It has been observed that cats will eat anything that has fish flavourings in it. They can’t get enough of it and so do we. So, it is a win-win situation. 

Special Mention: Catnip 

Those who know, know. This treat here is handmade by cat gods and sent from heaven. Cats love this grass and go in a euphoric frenzy. We’ve seen them roll in it and pass out from excitement or calm down and take a peaceful nap. If you want to know more about the kinds of brands that are available in the market that make these then stay tuned for more. 

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