Top 8 Dog Accessories and Gadgets That Will Change your Life 

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My dog Bacardi knows when it is bathtime. As a puppy he hated it but as an adult, he loves it because my mother baby-talks with him while bathing him and he can’t get enough of it. It is a relaxing time for him. There are so many gadgets that we use as pet parents but if you are new to the world of doggos then we would like to help you pick the right kind of supplies to keep them well-groomed and happy. So here’s a list of the top 8 dog accessories and gadgets that will change your life and your dog’s too!

Life has become quite a lovely affair since our dogs came into our life. To make their lives wonderful, you have to use these spectacular gadgets to make your life easy and their life comfortable. 

Dog Accessories and Gadgets That Are Necessary for You

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Let’s face it, dogs poop. A lot. Dog poop is a huge part of having a dog at home. They eat a lot and that has to end up coming out. So this is a never-ending problem. If your dog is potty trained, you have to take him out for his bowels. The poop has to go somewhere, right? Well, we’ve got a biodegradable solution for this- poop bags. These bags are easy to use, your hands won’t get dirty, and come with a holder. If you want to read a detailed analysis of the same then click here

You can find these on Amazon here.

Portable Dog Water Bowl/Bottle Sipper 

Does your dog waste a lot of water while traveling? Do you have a water spillage problem in your car? Do you have to carry your dog’s water bowl everywhere you go and that is a hassle for you? This uber-cool gadget is a perfect traveling partner for your pets. It is portable, easy to use, and solves all your problems. Now you won’t have any spillage in your car and your dog will be hydrated all the time. One of the most portable dog accessories when you want to travel with your pooch. 

You can purchase this product on Amazon here.

Water-proof Pet Car Seat Cover 

Say goodbye- to the dirty, hairy, and musty car back seats. Now traveling with a dog will become even more hassle-free with the help of this nifty invention. This portable seat cover works like a hammock that is scratch-proof, water-proof and adjustable for all your car rides with pets. You can use it at your convenience and adjust the size as per your dog’s size. There are two hooks each on the front and back of the seat cover. You can easily vacuum it, wipe with a damp cloth or just dust it lightly. All the dirt, dog hair and gunk will come off easily. Available in front or back seat options, the seats are padded and oh so comfortable! 

You can purchase this product on Amazon here.

Dog Camera/Treat Tossing 

All your pets will love this one because it gives them exactly what they want – treats! If you are worried about your dog’s activities and want to know if he is doing okay while you are at work, then this gadget is a lifesaver. It does a lot of multitasking for you. It has a camera and two-way audio system. This basically means you can talk with your pet while you are gone and hear his affectionate chatter as well. Now comes the best part. You can connect it with your phone and toss delicious treats to your dog whenever you want. Or, whenever he asks for it. It gives bark alerts on your phones and that way you know when your dog misses you. Or he wants a treat. 

This is available on Amazon here.

Dog Raincoat

Are you tired of your dog getting wet in the rainy season every time you go for a walk? Then this easy-to-use and durable doggo raincoat is just meant for you. It is easily washable and covers your dog from head to butt. Made out of 100% polyester, it comes in different sizes as per your dog’s breed. 

Click here to purchase this item.

Dog Grooming Paw Washing Cup 

We know how annoying it gets when your furry pet enters the house with dirty paws and leaves footprints everywhere. These marks may look cute in the beginning but wiping the floor every time he comes home is a task. Well, fret not. This crafty paw washing cup with soft silicone bristles will surely get rid of all the mud, grass, dirt or any other unwanted things stuck to your dog’s paw instantly. Just pour some water in it, do the deed and dry off the paws. You can easily throw off the water and clean it every time you use it. One of the most useful and reasonable dog accessories. 

Multi-functional Handheld Bathing Tool for Dogs 

This tool is one of the most handy dog accessories of them all. The handheld scrubber will help you rub your dog’s fur gently while giving him a nice bath. It also has a hose attached to it so that you can spray your dog generously and give him a nice bath. It has an adjustable buckle that can be fastened around your hands so you don’t lose the grip. You can also use this tool for cats. 

This handy tool is available for purchase on Amazon here.

We hope that all these dog accessories make your life easy and filled with adventures. For more such content, stay tuned on our page!

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