Popular Dog Breeds from A-z Part 5

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Dogs are the perfect companions for life. Having one that loves you, makes you feel special and fills your life with happiness makes him the most sought-after partner ever. But if you are confused as to which breed will change your life then fret not. We are back with our ‘A-Z’ segment of popular dog breeds. This time we want to start the listicle with the most popular dog breed of all time.


Labrador Retriever 

Labrador in the popular dog breeds
Photo by Christy Rice from Pexels

Lo and behold, the most adorable and lovable breed on planet Earth – The Labrador Retriever. This extremely friendly, gleeful and lazy breed has been making human families happy since time immemorial. They became famous as game-retrieving dogs and were mostly used to catch fish and swim in the water. Their mouths are quite soft and their grip nimble which is why they proved excellent hunt and fishing partners. They have a water-proof coat that helps them swim seamlessly in the water. They originated in Canada and come in the colour variants of yellow, brown and black. 

These medium-sized dogs are very adaptable and perfect as assistant dogs because of their positive demeanor. If trained well, they prove to be excellent police dogs or sniffers. This characteristic helps them in rescue operations, catching smugglers and other such notorious crimes. The film Marley and Me very accurately explains a typical Labrador Retriever’s traits. It celebrates their existence with laughter and love. 


Maltese Terrier 

Photo by Dillon Kydd from Pexels

This toy dog originates from Malta and was a celebrated breed in Greek and Italian royalty. They have long, swishy, shiny coats that need regular grooming or else you will end up with unnecessary tangles and hurt your dog in the process. These are perfect compassion/lapdogs. If you have an apartment life then including these pooches in your life would be far easier than getting a medium or large dog. 

Mudhol Hound 

This Indian hound is slender, athletic and an extremely loyal companion. He might be a direct descendant of the Saluki breed of dogs and was quite famous in the interiors of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana. A lot of local tribes used them for hunting and as a result of their agility and sharp intellect, the process of revival took place. 

Nepali Sheep Dog 

This beautiful sheepdog from the Himalayas is extremely furry and loyal and courageous. They have always been in the hills, helping the humans with herding and love to act as guide dogs to hikers. They are medium sizes and have a bushy coat that keeps them warm in the chilly winters. If trained well, they prove to be excellent guard dogs and love to mingle with people. 

We will be back next week with the next set of popular dog breeds in the A-Z category. Do read the 1, 2, 3, and 4th part of this segment to know all about the various dog breeds.

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