Popular Dog Breeds from A-Z Part 6

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Dogs are a boon to us humans and without their companionship, we are completely lost. If you’ve followed the rest of our parts from the popular dog breeds from A-Z then you would certainly know that we are nearing the end of this amazing series. If you are planning to adopt a wonderful pet soon then this series will surely help you make that decision. Do give part 5 and all the other parts a good read to understand this series well.



image of a pitbull in the article popular dog breeds
Photo by Jennie Orh from Pexels

This big ball of mush with a huge head is pretty infamous due to the way it has been trained by us humans. These cuties bear the brunt of our projection of them and become ferocious and dangerous. So much so that they have been banned in a lot of countries. But if you raise them well, their temperament is very docile and caring. They are perfect nannies for your children but adopting them without giving any thought would also be criminal. 

Pit bulls are well-built muscular dogs and it is important that they have an agile lifestyle. The sad reality is that we have been training them for dog fights since forever. That has led to a lot of negative campaigning against this breed. So our advice would be to only go for this breed if you can train him/her appropriately. 


image of a pug in the article popular dog breeds
Photo by Steshka Willems from Pexels

A Pug is one of the most popular breeds out there that is easy to handle. This breed of dog is unlike any other breed you have ever seen. With a snubbed nose and round eyes and shiny, short fur, he is one of the cutest breeds out there. Perfect for a life in the apartments, they came from China and soon became a part of a lot of royal families. Pugs are susceptible to a lot of skin diseases as they have a lot of wrinkles on their faces. They come in 3-4 different colours namely, fawn, silver-fawn, black. Their button-like ears and noses and curled tails with a compact body. 

They are good for families with kids and are friendly and docile. Perfect for a lifestyle in the city. They do tend to gain weight easily and become obese and that leads to a lot of diseases. They also have to deal with breathing issues and eye infections due to their flat face and a somewhat restricted respiratory system. In India, they gained popularity due to a mobile service company ad that had a huge effect on its breeding. Their face needs to be cleaned at all times due to the short muzzle and wrinkles. 


image of a Pomeranian in the article popular dog breeds
Photo by Windo Nugroho from Pexels

This wonderful fluffboi is a type of spitz from Pomerania. Just like the Pug, Pomeranians gained popularity after being seen with the royal family. They are tiny and hairy but have a huge personality. This breed comes in a variety of colours namely white, red sable, black, brown, and tri-coloured. They have a small muzzle and a fluffy tail and squeaky barks that become quite shrill. Just like the pugs, they are susceptible to a lot of skin diseases and eye problems due to their small faces and small structures. This breed became one of the most popular dog breeds in India after getting featured in the film Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

They need grooming every month or their fur can get matted very easily. Just like the chihuahua, they are playful and energetic but tend to take on the big breeds. They are alert and somewhat have a small dog, big soul attitude hence, the ‘taking on the big dogs behaviour’. Apart from their regular grooming, their face needs a good clean every now and then as the furry face accumulates a lot of dirt and tear stains and goop. 


image of a Poodle in the article popular dog breeds
Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

This beautiful dog came into existence in Germany and France and has been enjoying a lot of royal attention. They look different from other dogs due to the way they get groomed. Poodles have curly fur which gets cut or corded in patches and gives them a peculiar look. This breed comes in a dash of colours namely white, black, red, silver, brown, mixed and sometimes phantom. They are perfect show dogs that are intelligent, well-trained and obedient. They love to socialise and thrive on attention. It is a medium sized breed that is also good at a lot of dog sports due to its agile build. They prove good family dogs and mingle well with children. Regular grooming is advised and if you get their fur corded, we aware that this practice may lead to matting.


Stay tuned for two more parts in the popular dog breeds from A-Z segment and let us know if you liked what you read.

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