Popular Dog Breeds from A-Z Part 7

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Having a pet dog fills your life with joy and happiness instantaneously and no other relationship can be compared to this bond of pure love. If you are planning to adopt a dog but don’t know much about the popular dog breeds then this article will surely help you out. What happens a lot of times is we get excited about a breed but don’t do our research well and that leads to a disparity between your vision of a house pet and the dog you adopt eventually. To avoid this abysmal situation, do go through our guide.


Image of a Rottweiler in the popular dog breeds series
Photo by Alexander Nadrilyanski from Pexels

This beautiful medium sized dog from Germany is a farm dog that is especially used to guard the farm or herd the cattle. They have a shiny black coat with distinct tan marks and a sturdy body that is well-balanced and agile. This breed is famous for its square-ish head and a steady body structure. Rottweilers are usually quite intelligent and have a lot of strength. Their muscular bodies need a lot of exercise and work that involves a lot of vigilance. They are good natured dogs that are a little reserved and don’t form friendships with everyone that easily. But they are loyal companions and are confident with a fearless demeanour. Rottweilers need to be trained in  such a way that they don’t become aggressive as they have a somewhat negative reputation that has been maligned by the media. 


Image of a Samoyed in the popular dog breeds series
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Samoyeds are possibly one of the most popular dog breeds and are well-known as a fluffy cloud and shoob in the social media world. This adorable dog is much like the spitz and is famous as a herding professional dog. Samoyed have a thick double coat of white fur and shed a lot. They are vocal, friendly and love socializing. Samoyeds love to talk, sing and be merry all the time. They are alert dogs but not very good at guarding due to their friendly nature. The breed has lately become an internet sensation. A lot of dog influencers like Coconut Rice Bear and Maya Polar Bear are amongst the top dog influencers on the internet. Samoyeds are great with children and love eating. They can be trained well and are loved for their fluffy tails and sweet smile. 

St. Bernard

Image of a St. Bernard in the popular dog breeds series
Image by Šárka Jonášová from Pixabay

This adorable gentle giant is famous for its droopy face and tons of drooling. They come from the cold mountains of Italy and Switzerland. Labeled as a working breed, they do a lot of rescue missions. They are a combination of red, white and brown and have huge heads and mouths. St. Bernards are wonderful family dogs and love to socialize but it is important that you do that from the very beginning. They have a tendency to not underestimate their size and that can be both hilarious and sometimes clumsy as well. The breed became quite popular after the Beethovan series and since then, people couldn’t get enough of this bear-like baby. 

Shih Tzu 

Image of a Shih Tzu in the popular dog breeds series
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

This majestic breed is famous for the flowy fur and the number of competitions they win for the way they get groomed. It comes under the toy dog category and most probably came from Tibet. They are famous for having an attitude but are otherwise friendly and cute. They do make good apartment pets but need to be socialised from the very beginning. A lot of small dogs do tend to have big and loud personalities and Shih Tzu isn’t any different.

They like to take on the big dogs and get in trouble sometimes. They became famous as the Chinese royal dogs and were bred after a cross between Lhasa Apso and Pekinese. Like other small dogs, they also have issues with eye and nose infections due to the amount of fur on their face. They need constant grooming or they may get a bad case of matting. These small dogs also have tear stains so their eyes need to get cleaned more often. 

Siberian Husky

Image of a Siberian Huskies in the popular dog breeds series

This handsome wolf boy is amongst the second most popular dog breeds and is famous for the beautiful green, grey and blue eyes. They are the most famous working dogs in history and are bred to pull the sleds. They come from Siberia, as the name suggests and have a thick double coat. It helps them sustain in the extreme cold temperatures. This gentle breed is famous for being extremely vocal and howling a lot. They are good family dogs and adjust well with kids. They are loyal, agile and intelligent beings that love to work hard. Huskies like to be independent from humans and have a pack mentality. They also have good hunting instincts. These dogs are not meant for areas that are used to high temperatures. 

Shiba Inu

Image of a Shiba Inu
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The most dramatic dogs of the lot, these sharp pooches throw tantrums like their life depends on it. Especially during vet appointments and grooming sessions. This breed is from Japan and looks a lot like a fox or an Akita. They are light on their feet and trot a lot. They are active and have somewhat of a haughty attitude. These proud beings are vivacious and love to scream when not in  a mood. 


Dogs have the capacity to heal us and complete our family in a way not many humans can. They fill up the empty void in our hearts with loads of love and affection. It is important that we get the right kind of dog that fits in our family and enriches our lives. If you want to go through part 6 of this series then do click here.

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