Buy These Rainy Season Accessories for Dogs This Monsoon

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We are back after a small but necessary sabbatical. Things were pretty hectic due to the pandemic, moving to a new home and getting a new job but we couldn’t stay away long from our most favorite blog and here we are! We would like to talk about an issue that is very much the need of the hour! It is raining cats and dogs and we would like to help your pooches have a safe and hygienic rainy season. But for that to happen, you need to have a couple of accessories handy. Here is a list of some rainy season accessories for dogs that will keep them healthy this rainy season. 

As you all know, some dogs love rain and some absolutely despise it. My dog, Bacardi, is one of those who wouldn’t leave the house for a walk if it were raining heavily. But with the help of these rainy season accessories for dogs, Bacardi makes it out in time and comes back home still clean. Want to know more about them? Here you go: 

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If your dog loves to go on walks thrice a day but if he keeps getting wet while on his walk, this could lead to a lot of skin infections and other illnesses due to being soaked. The best way to tackle this situation is to get him a cozy and well-fitting raincoat that covers his body aptly.

Paw Wiping Cup  

These cups are a boon for your dogs who bring in a lot of dirt home with their wet paws and leave muddy paw marks. This special cup has soft tentacles inside the cup and you can fill the cup with some water and scrub it nicely. One of the most useful monsoon accessories for dogs. 


Rainy season brings with it loads and loads of tick and flea problems. If we are not careful, our pooches get Lyme disease or tick fever that can lead to a lot of serious underlying ailments too. Bravecto is a topical chew for stopping tick infestation in dogs. The effects of this solution last for three months and protect the dogs from ticks fleas and other insects. 

Anti-Tick Shampoo and Conditioner

Some pet parents who do not support topical solutions like Bravecto go for anti-tick shampoos and conditioners. It is necessary to keep your pets clean. Rains are incomplete without fun water puddles that dogs love to dive into. So giving them a bath is important. Some also prefer using dry shampoos as they are easy to use and avoid the use of water. 

Pet Wet Wipes and Towels 

Giving a bath to your dog every time he gets dirty in the rains can be tough. It is advisable that you use dog doggo wet wipes that are specially made keeping in mind their skins. Plush, thick and soft towels are extremely important to dry your pooch. So getting towels that dry quickly but dry your dog well should be bought. 

Water-Proof Dog Boots 

These boots are one of the most useful rainy season accessories for dogs. They are easy to wear and keep your dog’s paws bacteria and insect-free. Many dogs also get skin infections due to the paws staying wet for long hours. These water-proof boots keep such infections at bay. 

Ear Cleaner 

Too much moisture in the air and in the atmosphere leads to ear infections in dogs as their ears are warm and fuzzy. In other words, a very hospitable area for weird bacteria and infections to grow. So keeping their ears clean and dry is key. 

Paw Butter 

When you get so many baths or keep getting your feet and paws wiped, it may lead to dryness. Dog skin gets prone to many callouses and cut during the rainy season so in such cases, soothing paw butter and balms work like a charm. They also tend to lick themselves a lot due to keeping themselves clean and that may make their skin dry. This is when organic paw butter made of natural, non-toxic substances comes in handy. 

Dog Perfumes and Sprays 

We all know how rains bring in the musty smell and if your pooch has been getting wet ever so slightly, he will have a peculiar smell. A lot of people don’t mind this smell at all but for those who do, there are non-toxic doggo sprays and perfumes that get rid of the smell. 


Now that you know how to keep your pooch safe and healthy during these rains, make the most of this cool weather and have some indoor fun with your pooch. Use all these rainy season accessories for your dogs and let us know if you found these tips helpful! 

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