Top 7 Joints and Bone Care Supplements for Dogs 

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Disclaimer: All the featured products listed in the article have been added at the discretion of the author but we would surely recommend consulting a professional veterinary doctor before providing these supplements to your dog. 

It is 6 in the morning and your dog has trouble getting up for his morning walk, eh? You are noticing a pattern in his movement now that he has crossed 4 years of age. His movement also gets hampered when the temperatures dip a little? Well, all of us pet parents have witnessed these problems quite often and there are more to come. Winter is coming and it will surely bring with it a myriad of problems concerning the health of your four-legged love bugs. Many dogs suffer from hip and joints problems after a certain age and struggle to function on a day-to-day basis. The only saving grace is if you regularly give them some joints and bone care supplements for dogs. 

Giving your dogs a healthy diet is extremely important. But what happens when your dog has only had packaged food all his life? What if he doesn’t get the nutrients helpful to keep him fit and active? The only way to compensate for this loss is to give him add-on supplements. These will enhance the functioning of his body and keep his joints and bone healthy. Many pet parents choose to give their pets supplements at an early age. This way, they receive all kinds of crucial nutrients in their growing years. 

So let us go through a list of joints and bone care supplements for dogs that will help your dog lead an active and healthy life. Do keep in mind that different dogs have different requirements. The right person to consult would always be your vet. If you are planning to add these supplements to your dog’s diet. 

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Pet Joint by PetCare 

My 8 year-old Labrador retriever has been facing a lot of issues while getting up and climbing places because he has some severe pain in his shoulders. He is also showing signs of arthritis. These chewable supplements by PetCare are beneficial for strengthening his shoulder blades and other joints that need some nutrition to carry on his weight. You can also give these supplements post surgeries or fractures and are great for dogs who are suffering from dysplasia. 

Jolly Flex

Jolly Flex joints and bone care supplements for dogs are brimming with Anivestin and Collagen and also have other nutrients like Vitamin C and manganese to improve the overall health of the body as well. Those dogs who have issues walking or running in the winter season can surely have these and you can easily give it to your dog by directly pushing it down his throat as I do too. You will see a difference in his movement within the first 15-20 days itself. 

Brisket DS by Merical Pet 

Another multi-nutrient joints and bone care supplement for dog is the Briskit DS by Merical Pet that is amazing for the overall wellness of the bones and is enriched with calcium,phosphorus, vitamin D3 and B12 that is essential for the wear and tear of the body and keeps your healthy and fit. These are hard chewable tablets that your dog will surely like eating as they have a formulated special taste that is highly liked by pets. 

Fera Hip + Joint Chews 

These are one of those delicious joints and bone supplements for dogs that your dog would eagerly wait for everyday. These are preservative-free soft chews that have the goodness of turmeric curcumin, an ancient antiseptic that has been used for its medicinal purposes in a lot of Asian countries and beyond since time immemorial. They are great for dogs who have had a very serious hip or joint surgery done and can be given on a daily basis for the rest of your dog’s life. 

Great Pet Daily Great Chews 

These chicken-flavoured delectable soft chews are brimming with vitamins, probiotics, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. These are perfect for finicky dogs who hate taking medicines but would surely gobble up if it were in the form of treats. Giving your dog these chews will help them overcome all kinds of deficiencies and lead a healthy and active life. These are especially good for large dogs who are quite agile and can’t keep still. 

KingKalm CBD 600

You must have heard about the benefits of CBD oil and how it soothes joints and muscle inflammation. The organic oil not only helps dogs with joint or bone surgeries but will also help your pooch relax when he is anxious or jittery with pain or other problems. Your dog’s vet will surely let you know if your dog can handle it or not and accordingly give him a few drops as per his prescription.  

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

Omega 3 fatty acids have a lot of holistic benefits for your dogs. They help in healthy brain function, reduce inflammation, enhance the quality of their coat and skin, and are good for their eyes. These supplements are good for their bones and joints, help in relaxation and fighting depression and are good for immunity. Nordic Naturals has an odour-free fish oil supplement rich in Omega 3. You can add these to your dog’s diet and it will enable a healthy metabolism too. 

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My darling dog is nearing his 9th birthday now. With time, he will come across more health problems . To control these issues, taking the help of organic and holistic supplements to enhance his lifestyle is the only way to go. Depending on your dog’s breed, you can also have an all-raw diet from the very beginning. Raw food is full of all the necessary nutrients and is in sync with the kind of diet they need in life. You can always consult your vet and plan a meal as per the availability of the resources. Your dog’s capacity to absorb the nutrients from the food is also important. But no matter what you choose for him, adding joints and bone care supplements to his meal will help him have a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is surely an indication of a happy life and fulfilling life.

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