Festive Dog Gift Basket for Bacardi From Himalaya Companion Care 

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Festivities bring with it loads of happiness, good food and family time. This year, the Diwali festivities in India were a tad bit better because of the strong national vaccination drive. Even though we had a somber Diwali celebration, Bacardi got bamboozled with a huge surprise on the day of Diwali! The beautiful hoomans from Himalaya Companion Care sent a festive dog basket for Bacardi packed with goodies! Want to know all about it? Read on to know more. 

Diwali Morning 

Diwali is a huge festival in the Indian subcontinent and is celebrated around October-November every year. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and zeal with people tidying up their houses religiously. Some even get their houses/interiors renovated. Many buy new clothes, utensils, and jewelry and a lot of food is prepared freshly during the festivities. 

Our Diwali this year was pretty much the same like every year but that was about to change for Bacardi. As a dog family, we have a special ritual of starting our holiday mornings . We start it with a long stroll at the Riverfront with Bacardi having the time of his life, sniffing around and running freely. Like always, we went to the Riverfront boulevard at around 9 am and lazed around on the pavement overlooking the Sabarmati river for a while.  We came back home at 11:30 am and were greeted by a huge golden box on our doorstep. 

Goodies Galore

There was something fishy about the box because Bacardi kept sniffing it and just wouldn’t go off it. The gift card said that it was from Himalaya Companion Care .I couldn’t keep calm because I finally knew why Bacardi was so curious about the enormous box. I hurriedly opened the box and found out what it was – a festive dog gift basket for Bacardi! Inside the box was a giant pack of Healthy Treats for Dogs and a cute little bottle of Fresh Coat No-Rinse Spray for pets. 

Healthy Treats for Dogs

As soon as Bacardi saw the box, he excitedly started dancing and kept nudging/sniffing the packet. I immediately opened the dog treat pack and while I wasn’t looking, Bacardi very cheekily shoved his head in the pack and ate 2-3 bone-shaped crunchy biscuits. Regardless, he loved it. 

No Rinse Spray 

The next thing I did was try the no-rinse shampoo on Bacardi. Like any other dog, Bacardi hates taking a bath and because it was Diwali, we wanted to give him one. But because he hated it so much, we decided to give him a dry bath with the said shampoo. We sprayed it evenly on his coat and combed it in for better effect. One it was dry, it left a nice fragrance on his body and got rid of unwanted odour. With this, Bacardi was festival-ready and all we had to do was dress him up for the occasion. 


Image of Himalaya Healthy Treats for Dogs in the article Festive Dog Gift Basket for Bacardi From Himalaya Companion Care 

The overall quality of the items in the festive dog gift basket was quite good and it surely made Bacardi’s day. The treats pack can be sealed after every use so they remain crunchy and fresh for a long time. They are also packed with the goodness of flax seeds which is great for a healthy coat. The no-rinse shampoo is perfect for emergencies or last minute plans. If you have no time to give your dog a bath, use this and the effect will last for a couple of hours for sure. Overall, we loved the sweet gesture by the kind folks of Himalaya Companion Care for making Bacardi happy with their festive dog basket and would surely purchase it in the near future. 

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