7 Ways To Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Winter

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When you keep a pet, it becomes hard to imagine your life without them. They become such an integral part of your life that you love them unconditionally and go all out in taking care of them. Living in an area which has extreme and unpredictable weather, it’s important to make sure your pets are comfortable and adapt well to the seasonal changes. Otherwise, it could lead to behavioural issues and risk of falling sick frequently. In today’s blogpost, we share some useful tips to keep your pets comfortable during winter.

Pet dog in winter snow

Although our furry friends have a higher body temperature compared to us, winter can be harsh to some especially puppies and kittens as they are less tolerant to the cold weather. So while we prepare for it, we should also take some steps to keep our pets warm and safe. 

Here are 7 tips to keep your pets comfortable during winter:

Change Walk Time

As days are shorter and nights are longer, it would be helpful to take them for walks late in the mornings and early in the evenings. This way you would avoid the night and early morning chills.

Invest In Warm Clothes

If changing the walk time is not possible, get your pets some warm jackets and sweatshirts. They would make your pet comfortable and look fashionable!

Pet dog in winter jacket

Joint Massage

Winter can be tough for those who have joint or muscle pains especially for your older pets. In this case, you can massage them with a hot water bag and help relieve their pain using massage oils like Hemp Seed Oil or Coconut Oil. 

Increase Meal Portion

You may have noticed that your pet has more appetite during the winter months. This is because they need extra calories and nutrition to regulate their body temperature. It’s okay to increase the food quantity slightly to give them an extra dose of nutrition. However, you should consult your vet first before making adjustments to their diet. 

Beds & Blankets 

Pets love to cuddle and curl up in the cold as it keeps them warm. You can get a bed for them with thick bedding and cozy blanket so they can snuggle in it and sleep away to glory. 

Chihuahua comfortable in red blanket during winter

Avoid Cold Water Or Food

We love to consume warm drinks and food during winter and so do our pets. You can give them warm chicken soup and make sure their water bowl does not stay too cold. 

Exercise Is Must 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Or in this case, all sleep-eat-poop repeat and no exercise make your pets dull and lazy. Hence, a bit of exercise and playtime everyday will help them stay active, healthy and warm.

We hope these tips would help keep your pet comfortable during the winter months. Do check our blog post on Rainy Season Accessories for Dogs this Monsoon.

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