5 Tips For A Safe Car Travel With Your Dog

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If you love taking your dog for fun car rides, there’s a possibility that your dog will also enjoy the ride. However, taking your dog for a car ride is not as easy as it seems especially if it’s your first time and your dog is overexcited (and they usually are)! You need to take care of several things. but fret not, there are some excellent safety tips on fun car travel with your dog that you must keep in mind. Also, ensure your canine is appropriately restrained to avoid distractions while driving.

Exercise Your Dog

One of the simplest ways to ensure hassle-free travel is to exercise your dog before stepping into the car. Take him for a long walk and play with him to make him tired so he’s not overactive during the journey. Also, make sure that he’s done his business to avoid accidents in the car. If you are planning a long journey, do make sure to plan some stops on the way and let your dog stretch his legs; otherwise, he will become restless.

Dog Seat Covers

This is a lifesaver to keep your precious car seat covers intact and away from your dog’s claws, hair, drool and what not. Check out this dog seat cover from Amazon – it’s a good buy as it suits all sizes of vehicles and dogs while also protecting them from slipping during breaks and jerks. It has an anti-slip bottom which keeps it firmly in place and the multiple layers material padded construction provides a calm and comfortable ride.

Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Before starting a journey in a car with your dog, avoid feeding your pup at least a few hours before traveling. Feeding your dog just before traveling can increase the chances of motion sickness, which will be uncomfortable for everyone.

Dog Seat Belt

My dog is so pampered that he only sits in the front. If we put him in the back he’ll jump onto the front seat within a few minutes. In which case, we needed to ensure he is properly restrained to avoid distractions while driving. We bought this seat belt which helps to safely restrain him to the seat but still be able to sit, stand or lie down comfortably. One end is attached to the dog’s harness (collar not recommended) and the other end goes into the seatbelt clip.

Pack Appropriate Supplies

You need to list important dog essentials before starting a travel journey with your dog. The most important dog supplies include water, treats and chew toys. Check out this cute travel water bottle for your dog. It’s leak proof and returns the unused water back into the bottle.

Things to Consider Before Traveling With Your Dog in Car

Here are some of the following dog traveling tips that you must consider before traveling with your dog.

  • Keep fresh water bottles with you to keep your dog cool.
  • If you have the air conditioner turned on, it’s perfect; otherwise, open the window slightly for fresh air and ensure it’s not wide enough for your dog to jump outside.
  • If you are going for a long journey, take regular stops and allow your pup to eat, pee, and rehydrate.
  • If your dog suffers from motion sickness, talk to your vet and keep all the prescribed medications with you. You can also give him a calming medicine to help with anxiety.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings to protect your pup from the risk of any potential choking hazards.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone in the car even for more than few minutes as dogs can easily become stressed in new environments.


We hope this guide will make car travel with your dog easy and safe. While planning a long-distance trip, check nearby vet hospitals on the map to avoid emergencies. Do check out our blog post on Summer Essentials For Dogs.

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