6 Essential Dog Grooming Tips At Home

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Grooming is necessary to keep a dog healthy and comfortable. Regular grooming sessions are also critical to diagnose any hidden illnesses in dogs and prevent future complications. Many pet owners prefer professional groomers to keep their pets safe, while others follow a home grooming schedule. If you don’t have any professional groomer nearby in your area or even if you want to save some bucks, some tips on how to groom a dog will surely help you in this regard.

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6 Essential Dog Grooming Tips

Here are the following grooming tips for dogs that may help you groom your canine at home.


Dust and crust can quickly accumulate around the dog’s eyes and lead to infection. Make sure to use a damp cloth to wipe the area around your dog’s eyes daily. You can also use special eye drops for dogs to prevent dry eyes and crust accumulation around the eyes.


Like eyes, dirt can also easily collect in the ears and lead to severe ear infections in dogs. Use soft damp clothes to clean the dog’s ears regularly, or you can even use cotton balls. In some hairy dog breeds, dirt can also stuck in the hairs, so you can use tweezers to remove the stubborn dirt.


Plaque and tartar can easily build up in dogs’ teeth if you don’t clean them regularly. Poor dental hygiene can also cause bad breath in dogs, so you must set a grooming routine that involves brushing their teeth. At pet stores, you can find special canine toothpaste that is safe for dogs and can help you clean their teeth. You can also try high-quality dental chews to prevent plaque and tartar buildup in the dog’s teeth.


Dogs often shed loose hairs, and it can make your entire home dirty. With regular brushing of your dog’s coat, you can not only prevent excessive hair shedding, but it will also help to keep their coat clean. You must brush your dog’s coat a couple of times a week to keep everything in control.


Even though frequent bathing can cause a dry coat as it removes all the natural oils, occasional baths are a must for every dog. You can find special canine shampoos to keep the coat clean and shiny from any nearby pet store. It’s crucial to add bathing to your dog’s grooming schedule to keep your little companion healthy.

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Nail Trimming

Regular nail trimming is a critical part of a dog’s grooming routine. Long nails can interfere with your canine’s daily life activities, such as difficult and painful walking. You can trim your dog’s nails by using a special nail clipper for dogs. However, you must be careful while clipping your dog’s nails, as an accidental cut on the “quick” can cause excessive bleeding. We recommend you visit a professional groomer for nail clipping if you have no experience.

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Wrap Up:

We hope our detailed guide on how to groom a dog at home will save you from many hassles. Grooming is necessary to keep your little companion healthy and clean especially during the summer heat. To help you further, read our blog about some essential dog grooming products which will come in handy while grooming your dog at home. Don’t forget to praise your dog every time after grooming by offering delicious treats; otherwise, your canine may show resistance while grooming.

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