Imagine a world that is full of happy, carefree and healthy animals. Now add to that mix a bunch of friendly, animal-loving hoomans with bags full of treatos and heart full of love and compassion. Now, what if these hoomans knew each other well and wanted to make this world a better place for these angels?

The above reasons are exactly why this page has been made. It is our mission to realize this dream of ours and make this beautiful imaginative world a living, breathing reality. Who are we? Read on to find out more about us!


Lo and Behold-

Chaheti and Shruti, the first of their names, mothers of cute pooches, breakers of leashes, givers of treatos and belly rubs, cuddling maestros, protectors of the pet realm.


Our purpose is to curate different pet products and services. This blog is a one-stop website for all things pets. Be it our personal experiences or information related to different pets. We got it all. You will receive first-hand testimonials not just from our perspective but from the point of view of the pets as well.

It would be a port key of sorts to the world of wizards and witches and their magical beings (Understanding and nurturing animals isn’t any lesser than performing magic) *Our Harry Potter reference game is pretty strong*


As mothers of two dotting dogs, we realized we wanted to provide you with all kinds of information related to pets. Be it pet supplies, grooming, veterinary services or hostels/hotels/cafes/events. Our pets will assist us in the process and give their paw of approval.

We also wanted to address the issues we have faced as pet parents and give you honest and reliable solutions that have been approved by these fantastic beasts. So, you can call us the modern day Newton Scamander of the real pet world!