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6 Essential Dog Grooming Tips At Home

Grooming is necessary to keep a dog healthy and comfortable. Regular grooming sessions are also critical to diagnose any hidden illnesses in dogs and prevent future complications. Many pet owners prefer professional groomers to keep their pets safe, while others follow a home grooming schedule. If you don’t have any professional groomer nearby in your

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Summer Essentials For Dogs – My Pet Approves

Summer days are on the peak and dogs need some special accessories to survive this heatwave. Like humans, there are also some summer essentials for dogs that will help them stay comfortable without worrying about heat. Remember, the summer heat is hazardous for some specific breeds due to their coat type, nose, and mouth. However,

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How to Care For Senior Dogs 

Your dog is your most loyal companion and it is our duty to be there for them through and thick. As our pooches age, they go through a lot of bodily changes and need some extra care and love during the later stage of their life. If you have an older dog or are planning

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How to Approach a Dog: Dog vs Dog 

Life with our pooches is unimaginable. Be it going to the park or meeting a fellow dog parent, everything revolves around our cute fur babies and rightfully so. Your dog might be friendly with other humans but does he extend the same behavior towards other dogs? Well, fret not! We are here with the second

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7 Ways To Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Winter

When you keep a pet, it becomes hard to imagine your life without them. They become such an integral part of your life that you love them unconditionally and go all out in taking care of them. Living in an area which has extreme and unpredictable weather, it’s important to make sure your pets are

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How to Approach a Dog – Dog vs Humans 

We humans often feel like we don’t deserve dogs and rightfully so. They are sentient beings who understand the concept of loyalty and companionship like us humans don’t. But a lot of people are scared of dogs and don’t know how to break the ice with them because they feel like the dog might attack

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Buy These Rainy Season Accessories for Dogs This Monsoon

We are back after a small but necessary sabbatical. Things were pretty hectic due to the pandemic, moving to a new home and getting a new job but we couldn’t stay away long from our most favorite blog and here we are! We would like to talk about an issue that is very much the

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Understanding your Dog’s Body Language

brown short coated dog on brown tree log

In a world full of different species co-existing together, it is important that we try and understand each other and respect each other’s boundaries. But respect and understanding can only be found if you take some time out in listening to what the opposite being is trying to communicate. But what happens when the mode

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