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PTSD in Rescue Dogs

We, humans, are used to dealing with stress, induced from situations that are traumatic in nature. But there are situations where the trauma is so much that it induces a disorder and handling it becomes difficult. That reaction to trauma is called PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just like us humans, dogs who have had

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Dental & Oral Care Products for Dogs

Life without teeth for us humans is mostly problematic but for dogs, it basically means having no means of protection against threats. It also means not being able to eat and gnaw on bones and other hard things. For dogs, gnawing and chewing are almost like a second character. Which is why they also need

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Bio-degradable Dog Poop Bags: The Future of Pet Care & Sanitation

“Dogs are angels full of poop.” ―  Oliver Gaspirtz When you decide to keep a pet, you need to take into consideration many factors, one of them being your pet’s daily bathroom needs. Adult dogs usually go 2-3 times a day. But puppies are a shitting machine and when you live in an area where

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