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Bio-degradable Dog Poop Bags: The Future of Pet Care & Sanitation

“Dogs are angels full of poop.” ―  Oliver Gaspirtz When you decide to keep a pet, you need to take into consideration many factors, one of them being your pet’s daily bathroom needs. Adult dogs usually go 2-3 times a day. But puppies are a shitting machine and when you live in an area where

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4 Tips and Tricks to Live the Apartment Life With Your Dog

For some of us, dogs have become a necessity in life. Important members of the family without whose presence, the house feels empty and lifeless. Gone are the days when you could consider keeping a dog only if you owned a backyard. True, yards are an added advantage to run around with your furry friend

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Pedigree vs Royal Canin: A Guide to Choosing the Right Brand for Your Pet

Dogs and dog food. They kind of go together, don’t they? One of the most important things for our dogs is food. They don’t think about anything else this intensely anyway. How do I know this? Because I see my dog near the kitchen area all the time, twitching his nose continuously and waiting for

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