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11 Things to Remember Before You Adopt a Dog

It feels wonderful when you see pets shower their pet parents with loads of love and cuddles. You wish you had it too and there is no greater joy than adopting a cute little dog who adores you. But there is more to having a dog in life than playing amd cuddling and making merry.

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5 Simple Commands for Effective Dog Training

The long quarantine period has brought with it a lot of quality time with pets. Our fur babies need some sort of mental and physical activities to keep their minds sharp. It is also a good time to have some dog training sessions with them and stimulate their mind in a positive way. Which is

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4 Tips and Tricks to Live the Apartment Life With Your Dog

For some of us, dogs have become a necessity in life. Important members of the family without whose presence, the house feels empty and lifeless. Gone are the days when you could consider keeping a dog only if you owned a backyard. True, yards are an added advantage to run around with your furry friend

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