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Popular Dog Breeds from A-Z

Dogs are the sweetest little beings on the face of the earth and we are blessed that they have chosen us to shower all their love and wet kisses. But it is important to know which dog is meant to make your life a hundred times better and for that, you need to at least

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Difference in the Behavioural Traits of Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs are leaps apart when it comes to their core nature and these differences are well defined. There are so many behavioural traits we have observed between canines and felines that are different which is why the world has divided pet lovers into two major categories – Cat lovers and dog lovers.  Today

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Cat Toys and Accessories in India

Cats are truly aliens from another planet. Their cute and naughty shenanigans, mood swings and diva-like behaviour are what sets them apart from their canine counterparts. They own the house and its inhabitants and love us in their own weird hot & cold way. But one of the best things about adopting a cat is

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